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5398British use of 105mm Sherman 'b'

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  • ceolredmonger
    Jan 5, 2005
      I agree, it is interesting the British did not make use of the
      Sherman 105mm 'b'.

      British 'doctrine' enshrined in the organisation tables still
      included HE firing close support (CS) tanks at Squadron HQ level.
      Whilst this manifests itself in the 95mm Howitzer variants of the
      Churchill and Cromwell the equivalent in Sherman equipped units was
      meant to be the 105mm variant hence the designated 'b' suffix for
      the weapon type. They were not, with exceptions in Italy - I can't
      be dogmatic on this - generally bothered with. I don't know why.

      Earlier CS gun/howitzers were 3" (supporting 47mm 2pdr Anti-tank
      guns) so would have roughly the explosive power of the 75mm Sherman
      round. If though the 75mm HE rounds did the job for Sherman units,
      why not Churchill or Cromwell units?

      It would have made perfect sense to utilise the Sherman 105's in
      this role. Other than the need to keep anti-tank capability, an
      objection I can think of would be ammunition supply. At the time
      they were coming in to use the M7 SP Howitzer was being phased out
      of British and Commonwealth service for the Sexton SP 25pdr.

      Another probability is that Britain just wanted gun tanks for
      conversion to Fireflys. I assume the 105mm Shermans used in Italy,
      like the 76mm variants, will have gone direct to the Mediterranian
      theater and not have passed through the UK. A completely different
      issue and supply situation.

      It is not suprising Canadian Regiments in Italy found a use for the
      105mm Sherman. The suprise is why other British and Commonwealth
      units did not.


      --- In G104@yahoogroups.com, Paul Roberts <tankmodeler@r...> wrote:
      > ceolredmonger wrote:
      > >The British seem not to have favoured the 105mm variants for
      > >support so although they have designations for them (I don't know
      > >about availability) they don't appear in photos either.
      > >
      > >
      > Which is interesting because the Canadians in Italy definitely
      used M4
      > 105s in their regimental HQ Sqdns.
      > Paul Roberts
      > President
      > Armor Modeling and Preservation Society
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