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4810Re: [G104] Tire date code

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  • Joseph DeMarco
    Jun 1, 2004
      Hi Mike & Keith,

      Yeah, there are plenty of surviving Shermans with tires with the stylized
      Firestone logo. One guy posted a photo in Army Motors of one
      of the tires on his halftrack. It had "Firestoe" on there - no "n."
      A knockoff?

      I'm not familiar with the name, but some HVSS have idlers with
      "BARR" on them.

      >The Goodyear tires I observed on the HVSS at Rock Island had a 9-44 date on them.

      That's probably original to that M4A3(76), since it was built in October, 44.
      The date on the sidewall of a HVSS US Tire is in the format "APR 45."

      Most of the tires appear to be "bald" with a seam in the middle,
      but there were some VVSS ones that had groves running crosswise,
      & I think I've seen a few with lengthwise grooves as well.

      I was wondering if the open spoked VVSS bogie wheels may have been
      industrial, off the shelf items?
      There were some nostalgia photos in the newspaper of some now abandoned
      Bethlehem Shipyard buildings in Baltimore.
      In one shot there was some kind of hand truck for moving large items.
      The wheels looked exactly like the ones on VVSS Shermans.


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      > I haven't been able to look at any tires since I discovered this info.
      > After furthur inspection of the drawing, I doubt that you would actually be
      > able to see the code since it is on the inside surface of the rim and will
      > more than likely be covered by the wheel. I have noticed that the tire
      > manufacturers molded the date into the side on some tires. The Goodyear
      > tires I observed on the HVSS at Rock Island had a 9-44 date on them.
      > Speaking of tires, do you have any info about which firms produced tires
      > during WWII? I have seen pictures of Goodyear, BF Goodrich, U.S. Tire,
      > Dayton Rubber Manufacturing, and Monarch, but do not know if all of these
      > produced tires during the 1942-1945 period.
      > Mike Canaday
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