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4781Re: [G104] Re: M4 trailer extension-hitch

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  • Kurt Laughlin
    May 5 9:55 PM

      I'll send you some via email if I can find them. Note though that the pintle hitch was specifically added (by order and by MWO) to M4s in order to allow ammo trailer towing. I would not expect a "pintled" tank to use one of these because 1) Why add something extra to accomplish something your vehicle can already do quite simply, 2) To use this properly a bracket had to be welded to the rear upper hull to hold it up. Otherwise hitching was difficult because the adapter would drop down and you'd need two guys to lift it up while crouching under the rear overhang. (It weighed 150-200 lbs., IIRC.), 3) The rear blanket roll shelf pretty much took up all the available space to weld on the bracket, 4) If the third support was added it would have to be unhooked and the adapter dropped to raise the exhaust deflectors or open the rear engine doors, and 5) There were a limited number of these, probably one for each M8 trailer (it was issued with the trailer) plus 10% spares. M7 and M8 HMCs got most of the trailers, so I'd expect them to also have most adapters. I doubt you'd have these passed out freely for tank crews.

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      From: WhiteWolf
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      Subject: [G104] Re: M4 trailer extension-hitch

      Ah... any good pics of the devices? (with or
      without trailer?)

      I ask as this device would be perfect for towing
      with an M4 as well, what with the pintel being
      recessed between the idlers, and under the transom


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