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426Re: [G104] Re: Grizzly at MVPA convention

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  • TANKBARRELL@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2000
      I think that all of the Grizzlies that came from Portugal were on CDP
      allthough the first production vehicle is photographed on US track. All the
      Grizzlies I have seen have been on CDP except for Joe Gillatt's in the UK,
      (now on T48 rubber chevron) and Jaques Littlefield's. Both of these vehicles
      are masquerading as 'M4A1's. The differences between Grizzlies and US
      production are more than just track. External and internal stowage are quite
      Many of the Portuguese tanks had been retrofitted with the late vision
      cupola, so this is no sign of a late tank.
      Regarding modifying Pz IV track, the question of why leaps to mind, as CDP
      is available and probably easier than Pz IV track.
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