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4067AFV interiors needs data ...

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  • WhiteWolf
    Aug 1, 2003
      Ok , dunno if any of you are modellers ,
      but AFV Interiors has bounced back , and
      the site is back up at :


      I asked Mike Kendall if he had an M36
      review in the archives , and when it
      would be up if he did ( the old links
      are being fixed as I post this )

      He said he didn't have one , but that
      he wanted to review it ! He asked ~me~
      if I had any data ... *blinks* jeeze .

      I could only point him to the books
      and mag article ( I promised him color
      copies when it comes in ) BUT ...

      Do any of you guys know where he could
      get an old manual , or even go over
      a restored M36 ( or even B1 or B2 )
      for the website ?

      If so , please let him know at the
      address listed at the bottom of the
      web-site link above !

      Begging a big favor ,