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  • Hanno Spoelstra
    May 22, 1999
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      At 21:46 21-05-1999 CDT, you wrote:
      >From: "John Bell" <jab56@...>

      >i saw in a magazine once with a sherman outfitted with 2 metal rods comeing
      >out the front about the width of the sherman. in the middle of these two
      >rods was what looked to be an oildrum with chains on it.

      All I can think of is that this was some sort of dummy Crab?

      >now on the back of
      >the same sherman was a trailer witch it said was a"crocodile fuel trailer"
      >you ever heard of this?

      According to Chamberlain & Ellis in "British and American tanks of WW II"
      the British converted four Shermans with British Crocodile equipment for US
      in NW Europe in late 1944. They were used by the US 2nd Armored Division.
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