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3306Re: Interesting Russian Sherman on this site

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  • WhiteWolf
    Dec 2, 2002
      --- In G104@y..., "Roberto Flores" <ROBFLORES@t...> wrote:
      > It seems tthat the negative of the slide film was positived
      > on the wrong side...as a mirror, I mean. Take notice of the
      > MGs at the turret and hull.
      > Cheers,
      > Roberto Flores Yoldi

      Agreed , I'd not noticed that ... though the mantlet looked odd .

      Other giveaways are the open shell disposal port on the turret ,
      the antenna mounting on the front glacis/sponson , and add-on
      or 'applique' armor to the sponsons had one plate on the left ,
      and ~two~ on the right . If you capture the image , and zoom in ,
      you can even see the right side turret cheek armor plate .

      BUT ... even if you flip it , the two aft bogie pairs are wrong .
      Someone clearly did a kludge on this baby ...

      Anyone able to place the ID : 1-33 or I-33 ? the # on the applique
      looks to be 8977 ?

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