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2496Re: [G104] Re: Wartime picture of wet stowage M4A3's with low bustle turrets

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  • Hanno Spoelstra
    Mar 1, 2002
      At 23:17 28-2-2002 -0500, Mike Canaday wrote:
      >some possibilities:
      >-wartime 2nd or 3rd eschelon cannibalization of a KO'ed tank
      >The existing example Tim Streeter photoed has the post war
      >engine deck torsion springs.

      >-a 5th or factory rebuild post war or wartime
      >much more likely, no foundries are producing 75mm turrets, and more 75mm
      >tanks are needed. A casting is a casting, if it meets the requirements.

      I have seen pictures of a surviving Sherman in this configuration, too.
      Where did Tim Streeter photographed his example?
      Personally, I think these were the result of a post-war rebuild, the engine
      hatch torsion bars are another clue to that. From what I know of rebuilding
      tanks in those days, no particular precautions were made to keep a certain
      turret matched to the hull it came off originally.

      Interesting stuff!
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