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168Tanks in the Sand Dunes?

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  • RSLARCH@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2000
      I have been to the dunes and it would be easy to get a tank stuck and lost in
      them. If there is a tank (or tanks) buried in the dunes it (or they) would
      be very hard to find now since the sand drifts..

      When Patton was training at Camp Irwin in 1941 and 1942 (now Fort Irwin) he
      could have sent a column over to the dunes. Perhaps someone has a history
      of the training excercises done before Patton departed for Casablanca. I
      belive armor units continued to train in the desert for the rest of the war.
      The post was fully active when I spent several blazing hot summer weeks there
      in 1964 and 65 with the California National Guard. In night maneuvers we lost
      APC's and trucks out in the desert for days at a time when they broke down.
      We had to hunt for them by air and air drop food and water to the crews until
      the recovery vehicles could bring them back to the post headquarters.
      Perhaps a call to the Park Ranger station at the San Dunes National Monument
      could clear up the story. It just may a myth.

      Rich in San Francisco
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