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1Hi all!

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  • Geoff Winnington-Ball
    May 21 6:13 PM
      I guess I'll start.

      Hanno, you realize you're well on the way to becoming the world's expert
      on Shermans? I'm sure you do. :-)

      Now I have a question for you... were the M4A4s supplied to the British
      and Canadians outfitted specifically for us at the factory, or were they
      'generic' stowage configurations? I refer to the bracketry inside - I
      hasten to admit I've never been in an A4 - but it occurs to me that the
      radio, intercom and other such amenities were unique. Were these added
      by the receiving parties, or did the factories tailor these vehicles by


      Geoff Winnington-Ball
      MAPLE LEAF UP! ==>
      Zephyr, Ontario, Canada
      Maple Leaf Up - The Canadian Army Overseas in WW2
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