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    Not selfish - but SelfLess and in the act of loving the other - you are mutually rewarded. And the result: I think it s clear: Extended families & intensely
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2012
      Not selfish - but SelfLess and in the act of loving the other - you are mutually rewarded.
      And the result: I think it's clear: Extended families & intensely personal altruism as that same need to love the other man extends to a deep serious desire to see success, health & enjoyment in the lives of each other. In the Bible - the intense love between David & Jonathan eventually resulted in David adopting Jonathan's son Mephiboseth after Jonathan was killed in battle. Some may argue that there is little evidence to suggest they had a "physical" relationship. I'd say that hugs, kissing, mutual undressing, living in the same palace, sharing property, secret meetings, circumventing the will of the King, swearing oaths with each other before the LORD concerning their seed, etc...makes more of a case for physical intimacy than not! Oh, and let's not forget the song David wrote where he said Jonathan's love exceeded that of women! Hello! The account of David & Jonathan probably makes one of the BEST EXAMPLES of men loving each other with the ultimate in respect - without either playing the "female role" or engaging in disgusting fetishes (AnalSex, contact with feces & X-dressing were all strictly forbidden in the Hebrew Law).

      Many of us are married with children today - and many dealing with the same old ill-fitting labels that we managed to duck in school - now thru the experiences of our kids & friend's kids. Some are not aware of the "g0y" concept - & instead, probably have some inner turmoil & suspicions that they're part of some "bisexual minority" instead of the +60% MAJORITY! However - I've been reaching out & sending this g0ys.org link to those guys whom I still have contact information for. G0YS.org changes lives - because it draws the line of acceptable M2M behavior - not based on some arbitrary rule, - but by drawing on the historical evidence of civilized cultures that go back +4000 years!

      G0YS are men who can completely love other men; - But in doing so, never confound the masculine-sexual-appreciation of that love - & never wanting men to play the "female role".
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