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Satan loses a mouthpiece!

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  • g0yz
    ANTHONY FALZARANO is Dead http://www.truthwinsout.org/blog/2012/04/24482/ Pathological liars like Falzarano are particularly celebrated when they re finally
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      Pathological liars like Falzarano are particularly celebrated when they're finally dead - especially by the victims of their misinformation campaigns (usually young guys who are just discovering their sexuality is less than 100% 'str8' and have the unfortunate circumstance of being in 'fundamentalist' households). Having studied his writing for YEARS, -I confronted Falzarano on his gigantic lies several times --many of which are still in archive on-line.
      Here's what he constantly lied giant lies about:
      1) That sexual attraction is either "Hetero" or "Homo". His rants treated the issue of sexuality as if it was a switch from one state to another; --& thus denying that FACT that amBIsexual orientation is by far, the most predominant. BIsexuals are the Majority --as his own life itself testified to.
      2) That the Bible is anti-samesex. The Scriptures that seem to be anti-samesex are actually prohibitions against AnalSex. The same Scriptures have as a theme the essential need to repent from "acts that lead to death". Science has discovered that AnalSex (besides being injurious to the 'bottom'), is some +5000% more apt to spread diseases than even 0ralSex! For the same reason it's dangerous to play in an open sewer, -playing in the butthole is equally bad. This is also why that the old-testament (/Torah) has N0 prohibition against "women laying with woman" (& that omission speaks volumes as to the intent of the commandment against men laying with men AS with a woman).
      3) That if you're a man who loves men, that you're going to be involved with AnalSex. The g0ys men's movement is a gigantic testimony against that lie! Regular guys who happen to love guys/too, -who do NOT engage in AnalSex! G0YS (spelled w. a zer0)!
      4) That samesex attracted people are involved with a pattern of stereotypical behaviors all part of something called the "GAY lifestyle". Falzarano himself admitted to being part of that very thingus he called "gay lifestyle". The giant lie was that sexual-orientation had anything to do with participation. As the g0ys frankly state: "You can be a person who loves their own gender -without living like a dung-beetle".
      5) That people like him were "Christian". If you met a man who called himself a "Rabbi" and spent his time munching on pork-chops, & misquoting the Torah in order to sell his books, --would you believe him to be a "Rabbi" of the "Jewish" faith? Falzarano called himself a "Christian", but it is very clear that the "Jesus" he preached was NOT the "Yeshua" of the Scriptures. And ironically, -the Scriptures themselves warn again that very thing! Read Galatians (St. Paul makes clear that men like Falzarano who are all concerned about the 'state of the penis' are ANATHEMA {damned})! Falzarano was a person whom the Scriptures warn about -- that because they did NOT receive a love of the truth (but reveled in inequity) -that God would send them a powerful delusion that they'd believe a lie. Or as Jesus/Yeshua pointed out about the false religious teachers of his day: That they'd go over land & sea to win a single convert, and upon doing so, --make that convert a two-fold child of hell (sounds like ex-gay ministries to me). And that is precisely what the "ex-gay" programs like Falzarano promoted, --churned out: Liars who intermingled unrelated issues & destroyed lives on a regular basis. 2 years ago, -I confronted Falzarano with the theology on the g0ys website and interestingly enough, --just as in the parable of the fig-tree: Two seasons passed & then he was cut down. Coincidence? You say.
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