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  • G0Y-N0T-GAY_in_the_military@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 1, 2014
      Stag Party!

      Have a S.T.A.G. Party:

      What is a "S.T.A.G. Party"?  It's a new turn on an old term.

      Guys have all sorts of reasons to have a S.T.A.G. party, but the overall goal is generally a common one: It's a get-together for men who want to network, expand their professional & personal circles, make more friends & unwind while they do it! How's it work? You build a social group ad whether on a social networking service like My-Face or create a Group like one in YAH00
      When you order these cards, BE SURE TO REPLACE THE
      GRAY TEXT on the back, with your New Group URL.
      The visited URL will give details about your event -- such as where, how much, what to bring, who to bring, if there will be alcohol, etc. Many people require the guest to RSVP & bring the original invitation-card when they arrive for entry. It's an incredibly professional-looking way to get a private party going. Attend any event and hand out these cards to the guys you want to attend your event. Tag lines like: "Bring a 6-pack" or "Shirts optional" can help set the tone of your event & indirectly get everyone to "pitch-in" so that your investment in the event stays minimal.
      S.T.A.G: It's a guy thing ... an idea brought to you by the G0YS. But you don't need to mention anything "G0Y" to have a S.T.A.G. party.  It's a low-key, no-pressure way to make guy-friends.  Man up!

      Click the banner above to order 0fficial S.T.A.G. RSVP professional double-sided invitations.


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