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  • G0Y-N0T-GAY_in_the_military@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 1, 2014
      G0YS $upport


      Helping out is vital & simple: In thousands of locations around the world, you can buy Money "RELOADS" for GreenDOT Gift Cards.  We're simply asking that whenever you see a GreenDOT Money Pack/Reload --that you'll purchase one as a gift for the G0YS movement. Then, simply e-mail us the reload number from that reload pack.  If we've made a positive difference for you; --Please return the favor!  
      We'll make your gift available to any one of the vendors we use in order to help cover expenses.  It's that easy and it's vital for the continued incursion & presence of the G0YS philosophy!  Eventually we hope to make a series of G0Y-centric videos & other media.  That is the next vital step we need to take!  To do this, we'll need your help as described!

      Those who help us out as described above will receive some inside information from the very 1st time: Private links not generally known to casual visitors to the g0ys websites.  Most guys appreciate the "Easter-Eggs" that will reveal parts of the g0ys site reserved for those who help & those who are very prudent (like what happens when you click the BitCoin image to the right)!  

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