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266Fixing Compromised Yahoo Account - group notice

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  • Patrick 93001
    Mar 17, 2013
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      Fixing Compromised Yahoo Account

      Dear Members,

      It has come to my attention, both through 'private emails' addressed to me (sent perhaps without the 'senders' knowledge) and through message post submissions to groups that many of our members MAY have Compromised Yahoo Accounts. So, I have decided that it might be prudent to share this message, which I usually send out individually, as needed, when such messages are received. The flow of such spam messages has become so frequent that I felt it best to inform my peers on a G0y Group/G0y Movement-wide basis. Please consider following the advice below, and please share the information with others you know have/use a Yahoo account. This might result in many individuals getting repeat/duplicates of the message below, but I feel the situation might warrant a little such inconvenience - to fight back against these spammers that seem to be gaining access to so many Yahoo accounts.


      You might have a compromised Yahoo account, as it appears that spam has been sent from your address, possibly without your knowledge. You can regain full control over your account by following a few simple steps, and help make Yahoo a better experience for yourself and those in your address book you may be bombarding with spam.

      It's not a big hassle...a few clicks.

      1) Sign Out of Yahoo before doing this, so you might want to print this out or save to a text file, then Sign Out of Yahoo.

      2) At the Sign In page of Yahoo: www.yahoo.com click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page. To be certain you are actually going to Yahoo, do not click the above link. Instead, type it manually into your browser. An added measure of certainty.

      3) At the next page, click the link (see image below): "I can't access my account" - even if you have been able to. You'll see why in a moment.

      4) On the next page, you will see 4 choices for assistance. Choose #4: "My account may have been compromised". Click Next.

      5) Enter your Yahoo ID and the code Yahoo provides for you. Click Next.

      6) On the next page, your email addresses associated with this username will be listed. Choose the appropriate one if you have multiple addresses on this particular user account. Click Next.

      The next page reads:

      You're one step away from a new password
      Please check the message sent to your email to reset your password.

      Yahoo will send you an email link that will enable you to securely change your password, thus enabling you to regain control of your email account from the spammers.

      7) Click the link in the email Yahoo sends. If you don't see the email, check your junk folder. At the page that opens in your browser, enter your new password, then confirm your new password. Click Next.

      8) At the next page, Yahoo provides you with some information before you can access your account with the new password. Examine the information and be sure it is set how you want Yahoo to be able to contact you. You needn't change any "Hint" information, but you may want to if you want your account to be more secure from the past issues. Click Next.

      9) At the next page, Yahoo gives you the option of creating a "Sign In Seal". When you see this seal at your Login page you will know you are at a bonafide Yahoo page. You can click "Learn More" or click "Continue" depending on your choice. [[[If you click "Continue" you will be automatically signed in to your account. Remember, you have a new password, so if you forget it, you'll have to do this process again.]]] If you choose to create a "Sign In Seal" and I strongly suggest you do, click "Learn More".

      10) If you clicked "Learn More", at the next page the process and the good reasons for creating a Sign In Seal are explained. When you are ready to make your Yahoo Sign In Seal, Click the Yahoo "Start Now" button. They will guide you with simple instructions.

      Best wishes,