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Islamic Studies Masters degree

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  • zakiyyah786
    ASA Just recieved this email, Hope someone can take advantage of it. ... Virginia is ... Studies. The ... credit hour MA ... September ... who attend ... The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003
      Just recieved this email, Hope someone can take advantage of it.

      >Subject: Islamic studies degree
      >Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:56:11 EDT
      >Assalamu alaikum.
      > >
      > >Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested in this
      > >opportunity and to any appropriate listserves.
      > >
      > >Master of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies
      > >
      > >The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Leesburg,
      Virginia is
      > >proud to announce a new intensive graduate degree in Islamic
      Studies. The
      > >program offers the opportunity for students to complete a 36
      credit hour MA
      > >degree in ten months of full-time study, beginning in the end of
      > >of each year. The program is designed for a cohort of students
      who attend
      > >consecutive, accelerated courses in two-to-five week intervals.
      > >full-time program will also include an optional, intensive
      Classical Arabic
      > >program. Courses offered include:· Epistemology of Islam·
      > >Religion and Civilization· Quranic Sciences: the Quran and its
      > >Principles of Islamic Sciences· History of Islamic Sciences·
      > >Methods in Fiqh· Textual Analysis of Quran and Hadith· Fiqh of
      > >Minorities· Islamic Conflict Mediation and Intervention· Women
      and Gender
      > >in the Quran· Islamic Economics· Islamic Counseling· Theological
      Schools of
      > >Thought· Movements of Political Reform and Renewal· Prophethood
      > >Politics· Islamic Social Systems· Introduction to Hadith· Muslim
      > >in North America
      > >
      > >Applications are due at the end of July, and admission decisions
      will be
      > >determined in August. Tuition waivers, financial aid and ten
      > >stipends are available for the 2003-2004 academic year.
      > >
      > >For more information and to receive an application, please
      contact the
      > >school via phone at (703) 779-7477 or via e-mail at school@s...
      > >
      > >The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences 750-A Miller
      Drive, S.E.
      > >Leesburg, VA 20175 phone(703) 779-7477 fax (703) 779-7999
      > >www.siss.edu
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