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TESTIMONIALS - Clara Muhammad School Experiences

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  • Mubaashir Uqdah
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      The SCMS experience - we loved it. Our Daughter was there when the school first started and she loved it then as a kindergardener. We ended up taking her out since her sister was in a school by our house. We wanted all the children to be in school together. Her first grade was okay but when got to 2nd she was struggling. The teacher couldn't pin point what the problem was, but when we returned her to Sr. Zenoria - everything changed -attitude, academics, confidence. She learned more at SCMS in the first semester, than she had for 2 years at miles jones. Sr. Zenoria brought the love, Sr. Mahasin was so organized and professional, we really felt we were getting more than our monie's worth. She struggled with the arabic, but that was okay. We want our other 3 children there too. Now that she has been at SCMS for 3rd and 4th grade she is no longer a 'special' student. We thank Allah that Clara Muhammad school helped our child so much.

      Eric & Kim Fleming
      parents of Madinah Fleming

      My experience with Sr. Clara Muhammad school was very good. The year I placed the children in school, was the first time they have been in school for a whole year. The University of Islam in the city was not functioning, and the other Muslim school seemed to focus on arab stuff even though they were Black. I like that the school did not make an issue of what type of Muslim I was. Most of the staff made me feel welcome, before personal issued changed that. I must say that Brother Ray and Sr. Mahasin took my daughter Rabiah from zero to 100. There was alot of work - too much sometimes, but neither one of them would accept no, I can't or even I didn't. I grew to appreciate this position even if I don't agree with it. Rabiah as you know came to the school too shy to talk and 3 years academically behind. I must admit that she has tested out to be now be above level in those classes taught by those two teachers. The school has teachings that do not match with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but otherwise I think my experience with those two teachers was beneficial.

      Rabiah Shabazz
      parent of Rabiah, Hassan, Salimah Shabazz

      All I can say is Alhumdulilah! My children came to SCMS extremely disadvantaged and you guys worked with me. I was not part of the WD Muhammad community, we have our own Imam on the land, but still we were welcomed as brothers and sisters. And my children are educated. Musa even has plans to go to college. Dr. Qadir brought out Musa's natural math ability. Brother Ray taught them about themselves - we didn't know all that history stuff. Sr. Zenoria taught my children to read and Sr. Mahasin taught them on level, she expected them to work at a level and then gave them the resources so that they could do so. I love the way she ties science and Quran together. I am so happy and proud and thank Allah for the way my family has been treated. We can never repay you guys for all the stuff you have done. Everybody notices the changed in my kids, and they like being 'the smart ones' in our community. Musa loves Tawheed prep now and did pretty good last year - all thanks to SCMS. My experience with SCMS has been wonderful and I thank Allah for all you guys have done. May Allah reward you all.

      Aminah Camphor Abdur-Rahman
      mother of Musa Camphor and Yasmine Abdur-Rahman
      grandmother of Aminah Abdur-Rahman

      We all wish that we could teach our own children the imperative things that they should know. However, that is not always the way that it will work out. Some of us can best accomplish the goal of passing the Deen onto them by putting them in the capable hands of someone else who is qualified and capable. Their capable guidance and assistance can help set the stage for a truly successful transference of necessary knowledge and practice of Al-Islam. This has been my experience with the weekend Halaqa at Sister Clara Muhammad School in Richmond. The change in my children has been more than I could have ever hoped for. Their pride and confidence in themselves as Muslims - who know something, has truly been beautiful! I yearn for my children to receive an Islamic education in a private school setting. The SCMS weekend Halaqa experience has been invaluable.

      Inas El-Amin
      grandmother/guardian of Malik (6) and Asiane (4) Ahmad


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