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Fw: Four Ads---12/31/2008

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      We Will Be Welcoming the 2008 Hajj Travelers Home, Please Join Us!


      Where: Sister Clara Muhammad School

      4700 Wyalusing Ave

      When: Sunday, January 25, 2009

      Time: 3 - 7 pm

      Cost: $25.00


      Get Your Tickets at:

      Alfurqan Bookstore

      4816 N. Broad Street




      Free Trip to Egypt for 1000 Students and 500 Adults


      The d'Zert Club and The African Genesis Institute are sponsoring a free, all expense paid, trip to Egypt , North Africa for 1000 students nationwide between the ages of 7 and 14 and 500 adult group leaders.


      These travelers will participate in the Annual Teen Summit 1000.


      All those interested in earning this free trip to the Motherland should call toll free 1-888-257-5991 , email dzertclub@... or visit www.dzertclub.com. and www.africangenesis.org





      Free Auto Repair Training & Job Placement Assistance

      Philadelphia Automotive Training is now offering an opportunity to train with a NAPA Certified Program inside one of the largest Independent automobile repair shops in Phila.

      Starting January 12, 2009 for 10 weeks, this training will be offered. It is available for men and women 18 years of age or older with a valid PA driver's license  After you have successfully completed the 10 week course they will give you $2500.00 worth of tools and a tool cart FREE and a free opportunity to get your PA State and enhanced emmissions license.
      Training Schedule:
      Start date: January 12, 2009
      Monday through Friday 3:00
       pm to 9:30 pm for 10 weeks

      For more info: contact:
      Phila Automotive Training
      7446 Ogontz Ave
      Phila Pa 19138

      215-805-1543 or 215-424-2331


      Aliya Z. Khabir




      e-newsletter banner


      December 2008 · Volume 2, Issue 11

      2008: A Look Back As We Move Forward


      As Salamu Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters! 

      Al-hamdulillah, MANA's Second Annual Conference was a success, and I want to give thanks to Allah for all His blessings on us.  As I declared in my Jum'ah khutbah at the Conference, MANA's sole intention is to please Allah the Almighty.  As we work to develop and implement an American Muslim agenda, we must remember that our success is tied to making sure our agenda is rooted in the agenda of Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (saws).  I want to also give thanks to the numerous sisters and brothers who worked to make the Conference a success.  May Allah bless you all.

      The most gratifying part of the Conference is the fact that attendees overwhelmingly saw the Conference as beneficial.  In the evaluation forms attendees gave the overall quality of the Conference a 4.6 out of 5; and the overall quality of the presenters a 4.4 out of 5-that's like giving MANA an "A." 


      We are also happy that approximately 1500 people attended the Conference, which is slightly better than last year.  However, we really expected an even larger number of attendees, so we are evaluating how to increase the participation and improve the Conference.

      The Conference highlighted our progress over the past year and outlined our future agenda.  Our major accomplishments in 2008 have been the establishment of five SHARE Centers, the launch of the Healthy Marriage and Community Reentry Initiatives and the founding of the youth group, Seven Shades.  All these initiatives need to be strengthened in 2009.  Areas that need attention are Dawah and Masjid Development.  Task Forces for these two areas will be formed soon to start planning.  In sha Allah


      With the help of Allah, we look forward to greater success and achievement.  As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback and support.

      Your brother in faith,
      siraj signature blk small

      Imam Siraj Wahhaj






      A Message from MANA's Deputy Amir

      It takes a village to plan a conference

      by Imam Al-Hajj Talib 'Abdur-Rashid

      As-Salaamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu:
      Imam Talib

      First I want to thank Allah (swt) for the success of our 2008 MANA conference. Insha'Allah going forward ,we'll be able to identify where we need to improve and perfect , but I thank Allah for all things good and whatever was right, and to Him is due all praise. He has inspired us to come together, and we ask Him to continue to bring our hearts closer, to forgive and guide us, amin.His Messenger (pbuh) taught us that whoever is not grateful to people is not grateful to Allah, so....:

      Thanks and prayers for blessings to ALL associated with the conference:  (read more)


      SHARE Atlanta Welcomes Native Deen 

      Benefit Concert Brings the Message of Islam

      by Rutrell Yasin

      The inspirational lyrics, rhythms and sounds of Native Deen willnative deen light up Atlanta in January.  The popular performing group will bring its unique fusion of Hip Hop and Rhythm and Blues flavors combined with the message of Islam to Georgia Tech's Ferst Center on January 25, 2009 as part of a fundraising concert for SHARE Atlanta Inc.


      Native Deen has emerged as one of the leading Islamic Nasheed groups worldwide since its inception eight years ago. The group's music and positive messages have inspired fans across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and even Australia . (read more and get ticket info)


      American-Muslims Talk National Agenda
      A look back at the 2008 MANA Conference
      by Tri State Muslim

      More than 1500 American Muslims turned out to MANA's 2nd quickAnnual Conference on Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, November 28 to Sunday, November 30, 2008 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia . This year's theme was "Forging an American Muslim Agenda."  (read more)


      (View conference photos here


      I Urge Everyone to Get to Know MANA
      A MANA Conference Review

      by Amad Sheikh

      More than 1,500 activists, students and scholars from around 5 Palestion sisters killed in Israeli strikethe world traveled to Philadelphia on November 28-30 for MANA's 2nd Annual Conference. The conference featured addresses from top U.S. scholars and activists - including Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick who traveled from South Africa to the conference. Over three exciting days, Conference participants chose from dozens of informative sessions about forming an Islamic agenda here in the United States .  (read more)









      Holy Qur'an




      CAIR Action Alert #556: Urge Congress, President to Stop Israeli 'Massacre' in Gaza


      ( WASHINGTON , D.C. , 12/28/08) The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on American Muslims and other people of conscience to contact their elected representatives and urge them to condemn Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip that have killed almost 300 people and injured hundreds more, including women and children. In its bombardment of Gaza , Israel has targeted at least one mosque, a university and a warehouse for medical supplies.

      (read more)


      In Solidarity with the Palestinians

      by Imam Al-Hajj Talib 'Abdur-Rashid


      Since the year 1967, progressive African Americans have stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and in public condemnation of the state of Israel for its human rights violations against the Arab people of the holy land. We have also encouraged other Americans to do the same.
      Based upon a platform of human rights, The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) infused American liberation struggles with a consciousness that demanded activist recognition of the injustices being directed against the Palestinians, and the similarities between their struggle and that of America 's indigenous peoples. The Black Political Convention of 1972 affirmed the right of Palestinian self-determination, even as Native Americans, African Americans, Spanish-speaking Americans and others, struggled for the same. Now, four decades later...

      (read more)





      Upcoming Events 

      Diwan Retreat
       January 17, 2009

      The purpose of the Retreat to access MANA's progress and to plan for 2009. 


      Coming Next Month  


      Healthy Marriage Covenant Signed
      Muslim leaders and community members signed a convenant to commit their efforts and resources to make healthy marriages and spiritually-based families a top priority in our communities.

      Conference Resolutions
      2008 resolutions



      Your financial support helps MANA implement programs and initiatives to empower the Muslim community. You can make a difference 


      "Yes, I want to make a $25 donation today. "

      Get involved!


       Newsletter Contributors:   

      Imām Al-Hājj Tālib 'Abdur-Rashīd, Amad Sheikh, Rutrell Yasin

      Technical Support

      Haroon Najam


      MANA Department of Communications
      Akanke Abdul-Khaaliq, Director  



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