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  • Mubaashir Uqdah
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    As Salaamu Alaikum!


    Dear Muslims of the Northeast Section,


    Alhamdulillah! Ramadhan is approaching and we can feel its spirit drawing near. On Monday night, July 8th, Muslims across the country will go outside at dawn and look up into the darkening sky in search of a sliver of light; the Hilal, which marks the beginning of the month of Ramadhan. This reminds us of our dear prophet (ppbuh) who searched the darkness of the ignorance of his time in search of a glimpse of enlightenment as to how to help his people. We pray that you and your loved ones and community have a wonderful Ramadhan and that our community, as a whole, benefit tremendously.


    Attached is an announcement from the Sectional Conveners of the Imams Associated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed. This announcement is being distributed to our communities across the country and will be placed on our Community Website at  www.iwdmcommunity.com.


    We encourage everyone who can to make the effort to go out and sight the Hilal, for there is benefit in observing Allah’s signs. Get together and go out to a high place or to an open field and try to see.




    While Muslims all over the country will be searching for the Hilal on Monday night, it will not be visible from the continental United States. However, on Tuesday, the 30th night, it will be visible if you have clear skies, so we encourage you to go out with your families  and make a sighting and reap the rewards of observing the signs of Allah.


    May you all have a blessed Ramadhan!


    Peace Be Upon You,


    Imam Ahmed Sabree

    Northeast Section Convener




    Imam Mubaashir Uqdah

    Asst. Section Convener













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