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  • G-d_Conscious_Community@yahoogroups.com
    Dec 1, 2013

      The NYAA needs your help in making NYAA Conference 2005 a success! The NYAA is
      experiencing a financial shortfall as a result of Imam Mohammed not being
      able to attend coupled with delayed registration. We are inviting you to
      invest in your future. In order to meet our conference budgeted goals we are
      asking that you donate to assist in the underwriting of the 2005 NYAA
      Conference. Your tax-deductible contribution will be a major part in
      ensuring the success of NYAA's 8th Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO.

      Your future is now! Online credit card donations are accepted. For more
      information, visit us at WWW.CALLTOHUMANITY.ORG.

      The National Young Adult Association is a non-profit, 501c3 company. As a
      provider of leadership, training and development for young adults ages 18-40,
      we prepare young adults for success individually and collectively by giving
      them the life skills they need to be successful. Under the direction of
      Imam W.D. Mohammed, our mission is to strengthen, nurture and support the life
      skills of young adults globally, and become a vehicle for community growth,
      positive change and leadership in the areas of religion, education, business,
      culture, and health and government relations.

      The NYAA invites you to join us at this year���s 8th Annual Conference 2005,
      the ultimate young adult experience. While the organization primes itself as
      the premier voice of choice for young adults, this years revolutionary theme,
      ���Making Our Contribution to Humanity; Respecting G-d���s Plan for us While
      Establishing our Destiny Through Cultural Expressions��� will be reflected
      throughout the 4-day, 3-night conference. This year���s conference promises
      to take its place as a trailblazer for major young adult events to come. This
      unique gathering will be an opportunity for individuals to network with
      others, enjoy various educational informative sessions, spectacular
      entertainment, and fascinating events. There will also be our all-inclusive
      expo featuring national and local business sponsors, and Vendors. All NYAA
      events utilize spiritual principles such as faith, service, tolerance,
      leadership, patience, and ethical strategies. The conference serves as a
      vehicle for helping to organize and implement activities and services that
      dignify the skills, talent and contributions of young adults. We offer
      positive activities and useful services such as our conference as an
      alternative to the commercial exploitation and subsequent negative images and
      messages that young adults are given. NYAA serves as the voice and choice for
      all those looking to have a positive and respectful identity that emphasizes
      their G-d given excellence. Any level of support that you would be able to
      assist with would be greatly appreciated.

      Im ready to invest in my future. I want to contribute the amount below to
      assist in the underwriting of NYAA's Conference 2005:

      ��� $ 25

      ��� $ 50

      ��� $ 100

      ��� $______ Other

      Please forward a check or money order to NYAA, 938 E Swan Creek Rd #283,
      Ft Washington, MD 20744 or donate using credit card at WWW.CALLTOHUMANITY.ORG
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