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Already Got: Role Playing/Wargaming/World Creation/etc

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  • Abrigon Gusiq
    Hello all, just seeing who all is into which game, rpg, world creation and more. Sorry if this is a duplicate, just trying to cover all members of all lists?
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2010
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      Hello all, just seeing who all is into which game, rpg, world creation and
      more. Sorry if this is a duplicate, just trying to cover all members of all

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Abrigon-World/ Sphere and Universe - Magic or
      super high tech?

      A fantasy world with a twist. Ancient high tech, gods that abuse it, magic
      that works and has an explanation? And much more. Lithe Lords, Elven like
      beings, whose ancestors once ruled much of the local multiverse. But now,
      are degraded and using the power/tech of their ancestors to rule over
      Abrigon as gods. Central AI, Stargates, Power Grid, Vampires/Ghouls and
      more. Lithe are giant rocks aliens, who float using hydrogen gas (they are
      hollow or sponge like inside).

      KEYWORDS: Nanotech, Magic, Star Trek, SG1, Moorcock, Zelazny, Cheryh,
      Farscape, D20, Gurps, SGA, Sidhe, Dyson, Arthur Clarke, Fantasy, SciFi,
      Andre Norton, MZ Bradley, Virtual Reality, Heinlein, Borroughs,
      Anthropology, Battletech, Mecha, Star Gate, Niven, Pournelle, Alien Races,
      Slavery, Rebellion.

      http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/StargruntsOOC/ Stargrunts Wargame

      The goal of this group is to discuss the military science fiction
      roleplaying/wargaming/simulation and literary genres, with an eye toward
      creating ideas for game scenarios/games/concepts of the future. While the
      name suggests an infantry oriented game, I welcome and encourage discussion
      of any related topic and would certianly consider any character type anyone
      wished to suggest. Who knows where this could go? Tabletop, Online,
      Computer, One on One, PBeM and more.

      Keywords: Robert Heinlein,Gordon Dickson,S.M. Stirling,Jerry Pournelle,Joe
      Haldeman,David Gerrold,David Drake,Harry Harrison,Barry Sadler,H.Beam Piper.
      Aliens/Predator,Outland,Starship Troopers,Chtorr,Hammer's Slammers,Stainless
      Steel Rat,CoDominium,Empire of Man and Tran,Dorsai,Forever
      War,Draka,Terminator,Space Viking,SG1,Andromeda,Farscape,Serenity/Fire
      Fox,Galactica,Farscape,Star Trek,Blue Planet. Gurps,D20,Traveller,Twilight
      2000,Aftermath,Morrow Project,2300AD,Star Frontiers. Star Grunt OOC,Heavy
      Gear,Jovian Chronicles,Battle Tech,Star Fleet,BattleTech,Mecha. Halo,Kill
      Zone,Ghost Recon,SOCCOM. Harlan Ellison, Terminator, Matrix, Judge Dredd,
      Babylon 5

      Rules: Respect, keep on topic, try to stay away from political disussions
      and usage of profanity/racial/ethnic slurs. Nothing classified. Flame wars
      put out NOW. But fair rebuttles expected.

      Anything I missed, welcome others as well, as long as on topic of the list.

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/undeadrpg/ RPG Games that are old/out of
      print, but still around?

      Forum to discuss out ot print Role Playing Games. Such as but not limited to
      AD&D 1st ed, Shadowrun 1st ed, Morrow Project, High Colonies, Basic D&D,
      Marvel Super Heroes,
      Top Secret, Top Secret/S.I. and additive worlds. Judge Dredd, Star Trek
      <FASA edition>
      Plus musch more. Hints Tips adventure ideas etc are allowed as well as just
      plain "I like the game" comments.

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Future-History-L/ Humanity and its future?

      Where is humanity going in our future? With new tech, new ideas, new
      concepts, modifications of not only ourselves but our world and beyond.
      Anyone have a list or group they like to share, let me know?


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