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51Re: Connect Re: Tea Baggers?

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  • Abrigon Gusiq
    Dec 24, 2009
      If they make it part of the packages is cheap tubes tied or vacectomy or like, especially if they have more than 1 kid, then it would make for many less mouths to feed in the end. On welfare/assistance is the key, if on assistance, what do they need to have more kids?
      People talk about Abortion but they never seem to talk about ways to cut back humans breeding like rats and over populating things, more people, more health care, jobs, resources needed and more?
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      From: Dave
      Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 6:17 PM
      Subject: Re: Connect Re: Tea Baggers?

      Perhaps the Tea Baggers are the more vocal Americans against politics as usual SNAFU.
      The Health care bill is going to hurt the Dems long-term, as well as next november.
      Welfare is a Gov.t reaction to poverty, and like most Gov.t things, is not Purvect.
      Are they saying, lets help the poor at the expence of the rest, no matter what?