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  • Abrigon Gusiq
    Jul 8, 2009
      I used to get alot more via my dial up, but NO EXCUSE on my part. I did not realize many times that my posts via a nick name was not going to both lists but only to one, so not sure where all my posts went to, one or the other or both or neither? Follow thru Mike? I got like 300+ more to do, but for now, NONE.. Some did already go thru, but its insane trying to figure out which did or did not and what else? Damn machines! And yes, I need to see about more of my stuff and in a coherent WHOLE and not all over the place, could blame my ADHD but ... there is meds for it, any one like to be my counter part and .... keep me focused and not so scattered all over the place?  Locally would be best. But who lives in Fairbanks AK?
      Sorry Herman and others.
      I just figured all would like to bask in my glory, brilliance or out right insanity..
      Working on cutting things back.. I should just creat a list only for back posts that I fear never made it to the lists, and it explains why people think me nuts, or the subject thread do not match, or are all over the place..
      Or maybe just time to back off from gaming and really look for a real job?
      But wish we had more talent here in Fairbanks/North Pole/College (UAF) Alaska.. For gaming, not just table top but computer, war, LARP and as well as writing and movies and like.
      The worlds of LARP, Computer, table top and movies and CGI and all are coming together quickly and ...
      To do a good CGI you need people to model the sensors and train the computer aka LARPers?
      To design the back ground you need artists and designers?
      To do the game world, you need writers, and people who often become GM/DMs?
      And what else?
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      It is a problem because I am on a PPC, and I received the better part of 200 e-mails from your group(s) alone this morning. That is a LOT have to deal with, especially considering that most day's I get that many total throughout the day.

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