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31Who we are?

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  • Abrigon Gusiq
    Apr 6, 2009
      I know in role play gaming we have different classes and like, but what about in reality?
      We are not the same clone of each other, we do things differently, but some of us can be colleted in like ways but not all the whole time but at times we change or are different.
      Myself I am ADHD or have been, suffering from depression and issues for many years.
      Fear of failure
      Never able to complete things
      never being able to show my full potential, either out of not knowing how to, or fear of failure or afraid of being used/abused by those who use us.
      How figure out kids and how they learn, they often learn very differently from each other, and find a path/package of how to get them to learn things, but what to learn?
      What do we expect of each other in our society?
      We spend billions on studying animals and their social order (we are animals technically too, but ..)
      The official line of what we expect but also the unofficial one we tell each other. Classic is to follow the rules of law, but then complaining about cops and the laws, but not doing anything about it, even not even voting.
      Logic is something I like to see more of, so we can cut through the crap of adventising?
      Love vs Lust, what is which, we often seem to be unhappy with who we end up with, but why?
      Beauty vs Persons, the whole what is hot and beautiful seems to be connected as well with race and the external and not the internal?
      To be known by the quality of character and not by the color of our skin? Goes deepers in to what we consider beautiful? And give in to.
      Quality of Character, Ethics and Morals and principles?
      What do we hold dear and what do we abhor?
      Or how can you be certain the person arrested really knows what society expects of them? Mutual traditions but what else?
      Military and civil service, taxes and more, as well as to speak up, know what is going on, and speak out about it, vote and get involved?
      Civitates? What we are expected of as citizens?