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  • Abrigon Gusiq
    Mar 11 6:23 PM
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      Riding the debt, cause much of the money wasted was wasted by government or rich persons who can hide it?
      Hard to explain what I am trying to say is that its a large money laundering scheme?
      You invest, use the invests as collateral to get loans, have fun and all, then when the loans come up for paying, the companies you invest in crash, someone plays the fall guy and while the Feds and creditors are trying to follow the money, you ride the money in some off shore account?
      Riding the Money? or the ... darn, need to take more classes in economics. But basically they pick some old fart to play the fall guy, and he has fun until things go to hell  and they get thrown in jail, while the real crooks live in Thailand or Cayman islands or like?
      But it often takes some governmental connection, namely someone has to know about it, but someone looks the other way.
      Madoff must have had some serious friends in the White House or Congress, but who?
      Riding the Lie?