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Orangutan Diary - The Story Continues

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  • tachi salas
      Orangutan Diary - The story continues...   (Photo above, Lone and one of the stars of Orangutan Diary 2. Taken by BBC Natural History Unit cameraman, Mark
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UK Breaking News
      Orangutan Diary - The story continues...
      (Photo above, Lone and one of the stars of Orangutan Diary 2. Taken by BBC Natural History Unit cameraman, Mark MacEwen).
      Earlier this week, a few of us were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of the first episode of the upcoming second series of Orangutan Diary, filmed at BOS's rescue project in Kalimantan. Watching it more than reaffirmed why we do what we do, why we care and why we will continue to work towards our ultimate goal of seeing these orphans of the rainforest back in the wild. Free and safe.
      One of the highlights of the episode is when Michaela catches up with Lomon in Forest School. And you know? He actually seemed very pleased to see her (though he didn't pause scoffing his piece of fruit!). What makes this reunion even more poignant is having seen the state of Lomon on his arrival at the sanctuary back in 2007 when the Natural History Unit were there filming the first series. He was bald, starved and had been kept chained by his "owner". To see the radical changes in Lomon in a little less than 2 years makes us proud to be working on behalf of Lone and the team at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, even more so as the BOS UK office is an adoptive parent of Lomon....
      We hope you get a chance to see Lomon in the first series which is currently been screened on BBC2 every Sunday evening at 5.30pm, and then at the beginning of March when the next series is aired, and realise that without the efforts of Lone and BOS Foundation, these and so many other orphans would not have survived.
      So please spread the word to family and friends about the plight of the orangutan and play your part in helping us to save this beautiful, enigmatic creature from extinction. And if they live in the UK, ask them to watch the series and see for themselves. Your support has given and and will continue to give these orangutans a second chance. And for that, we are truly grateful.
      Our new home page, dedicated to Orangutan Diary is now live. To learn more about the stars featured in the original series, Lomon, Grendon and Kesi, please visit by clicking here.
      For a sneak preview of the second series, we have added a stills gallery with some exclusive, selected photos that were taken by the Natural History Unit team during filming. You can view the gallery here.
      If you would like to renew an existing adoption, please click here.
      Created by Wantamedia, see the new BOS eCalendar here.
      You can visit our YouTube channel here.
      Visit the Prince's Rainforest Project and become an active part of the solution to save the orangutan's habitat. The site is currently running a photography competition for schools.
      Click here to find out more.
      As always, it is your support that ensures the future of this amazing species in our world.
      Thank you.
      Borneo Orangutan Survival is dedicated to saving the orangutan from extinction and protecting its rainforest home. BOS is responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of wild and orphaned orangutans. We rely entirely on donations to continue our work and achieve our goal - to rehabilitate and prepare these orangutans for a life in the wild and ultimately return them to their wild rainforest home. With your help, we can show everyone that this beautiful part of the world and its red-haired inhabitants are an invaluable part of the world we share.
      Please be aware that the photos used in this communication cannot be used without the express permission of the photographers.


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