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EVANA Newsletter January 2009

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  • tachi salas
    De: EVANA Asunto: EVANA Newsletter January 2009 Fecha: viernes, 30 enero, 2009 2:14 European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA)
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      De: EVANA <news@...>
      Asunto: EVANA Newsletter January 2009
      Fecha: viernes, 30 enero, 2009 2:14

      European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA)
      Newsletter January 2009

       In this issue you can read about:
      1. Vegetarianism
      2. Global Hunger

      3. Meat kills climate
      4. Whaling
      5. Fur
      6. Transport
      7. Pigs
      8. Book/Film/Song/Video
      9.  Recommended Mailinglists


      1. Finally - politicians discover the benefits of vegetarianism

      European Union:
      -European Parliament's Temporary Committee on Climate Change: '...reduce
      meat consumption'/A report voted .by the European Parliament's Temporary
      Committee on Climate Change

      -Jens Holm, MEP Sweden: 'We should abolish meat subsidies, let meat bear its
      own environmental costs and work to make modern vegetarian food cheaper'

      -Even  in a country with one of the highest percentages of meat consumers
      the federal environment agency recommended to leave  "Schnitzel off the

      -On 26 January the Guardian published the remarkable article "Hospitals will
      take meat off menus in bid to cut carbon"
      Note: When those responsible for the publish health system of a country
      consider cutting meat as contribution to "Saving Carbon, Improving
       Health"....that's quite a breakthrough in the right direction!

      -Barack Obama Asks Us To Re-Examine Food Policy
      Quote: "The fact that we subsidize some of these big, agribusiness
      operations that are not necessarily producing healthy foods, and we
      discourage, or we don't subsidize farmers who are producing fruits and
      vegetables and small scale farming that gets produce immediately to
      consumers as opposed to having it processed. The fact that we're not doing
      more to ensure that healthy food is in the schools. All those things don't
      make sense. It is important for us to re-examine our overall food policy."

      -Chicago Health Commissioner Says, 'Go Veg!'

      More veggie snippets:

      -MyPyramid USA: Vegetarian diets can meet all the recommendations for

      -Ronald McDonald Turns Vegetarian

      -USA: More kids going vegetarian
      Nutrition experts say kids are never too young to become vegetarians....

      2. The consumption of meat is growing - and so is global hunger

      Billions face food shortages, study warns
      Half of the world's population could face severe food shortages by the end
      of the century as rising temperatures take their toll on farmers' crops,
      scientists have warned....

      Europe:  Global food security: more European initiatives needed say MEPs
      The European Parliament calls for "immediate and continuous action" to
      ensure global food security..

      UNICEF feels the pinch of the food price crisis

      UN debates global food cost rise

      PS:  Please sign the petition 'Food vs Feed' and inform others about it.
      http://un.evana.org/ (23 languages)
      Comment (signature 10503): "By eating meat, we are eating the food of
      hundreds of other people"

      3. Meat kills climate

      Meat-eating is killing the Amazon
      One of the main Brazilian newspapers reported today that ranchers account
      for 76% of forest clearing in the Amazon, according to new, more reliable
      data. But there's no point panicking and not doing anything about it: give
      up on all animal products and you'll be doing your share to help mitigate
      the human impact on the environment.

      WSPA: Eating our future/The environmental impact of industrial animal

      Climate change, meat eating and the environment/Excerpt: It's important to
      note too that even if we ignore the effect of aerosols, animal agriculture
      is also a major source of carbon dioxide emissions

      Veg Climate Alliance: Open letter to President Obama
      'in many ways, a dietary shift by you and an education campaign to increase
      awareness of the urgency of a major shift toward plant-based diets would be
      a great step toward reaching many of your goals'

      Food needs 'fundamental rethink'

      4. Is the Japanese whaling fleet jinxed?

      A crewman on a Japanese whaling ship is presumed dead
      Hurt Japanese whalers http://www.evana.org/index.php?id=40916&lang=en
      European Parliament: Press Release - Call for action to eliminate whaling
       Japanese whaling fleet endures rising tide of opposition
       Japan whalers scared of arrest in Australia, activists say
       Japan snubbed over anti-whaling ship
       Gov't Funded Whaling Has Become 'Unprofitable' in Japan
        Japan's whaling town residents have dangerously high levels of mercury

      5. Fur - Animals have no possessions whatsoever and we don't even allow them
      to keep their skins

      EU: Commissioner Vassiliou welcomes entry into force of ban on imports,
      exports and trade in cat and dog fur
      more: EU: Animal Welfare - Cat and Dog Fur

      Over 4.000.000 Karakul Lambs Are Being Slaughtered Each Year
      It is unbelievable but it really happens! Over 4.000.000 karakul lambs are
      being slaughtered each year to provide people with a fashionable coat, a
      collar, a pair of boots or even a swimsuit. (...)

      Fat Chicks and Furry Beasts Menace Karl Lagerfeld
      Delightfully insane fashion person Karl Lagerfeld is not afraid to formulate
      patently ridiculous defenses of decadence. Fur is bad and models are too
      skinny? More like animals are dangerous and girls are too fat!

      6. Animals' trip to hell

      EU/Animal transport: MEPs debate non-enforcement of rules
      The chair of Parliament's Agriculture Committee Neil Parish said that
      reports he received from organisations contain "significant evidence that
      the existing legislation is not being enforced in several member states"....

      STOP Long Animal Transports http://www.evana.org/index.php?id=40534&lang=en

      Italy: Lorry Driver Given Prison Sentence for Causing Suffering and Death to

      7. Pigs - Magnificent animals in urgent need of a strong lobby

      Please, meet cutie Kingsford

      Pigs Peace Sanctuary: The story of Libby, a huge farm pig
      Judy: If you came here and met Libby you might notice how calm and gentle
      she is; you might gaze into her eyes and see the look of a special friend.
      You might find that particular spot behind her eyes she loves to have
      scratched and then you might see her smile....

      Celeste's story--the story of a pig rescued from one of those 'humane'
      family farms 

      UK: Alarm over cruelty behind the bacon on our breakfast plates
      Two thirds of pork, bacon and ham imported into Britain are from pigs reared
      on the Continent in cruel farm conditions that are banned in the UK..

      China: Dead, Diseased Pigs Sold for Food
      Six people have been detained in southern China's Guangdong Province for
      allegedly running a network that processed and sold meat from dead and
      diseased pigs.

      Welfare doesn't come into it' ...the truth behind the European pig
      industry - and so behind most of the pork we eat

      Genetically Modified Pigs to be Bred for Organ Transplant Harvesting

      Holland-Live pigs by road to Russia/Animal Rights activists  have been
      trying to outlaw the trade with no success....

      8. Book/Film/Song/Video

      Book: Don't Defend Animals: not in France, not anywhere (And that's that!)
      by Guenady---Vegetarianism and Animal Defense in France, including profiles
      of Animal
      Defenders, an American Expat's Observations on French Society, and original
      recipes from France's only vegan restaurant (le Speakeasy, in Nice)

      Film/Documentary: 'The Cove'....
      .... tells the story of O'Barry's mission to obtain hard evidence of what
      goes on in Taiji. Eco-activist documentaries don't get much more compelling
      than "The Cove,"
      an impassioned piece of advocacy filmmaking that follows "Flipper"
      trainer-turned-marine crusader Richard O'Barry in his efforts to end dolphin
      slaughter in Taiji, Japan. 

      Song: Reinhard Mey - Erbarme Dich (Video and song about horse transport in

      Video/Jeremy Rifkin: The Link Between Meat Eating and Climate Change

      9. Recommended mailing lists
      If  you interested in the exchange of information the following
      mailing lists may be of interest to you:

      --animal_net/English *
      --Vegetarian Community

      --animal_net/Francais *

      --animal_net/Deutsch *
      --Vegi Info  http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/vegi_info_liste/

      *Website animal_net www.an-group.org

      Best regards

      Your International EVANA Team


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