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The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act (Prop 2) Passes in California!

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  • tachi salas
    Proposition 2 Passes in California The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act , also known as Prop 2, passes in an historic vote in California.  Prop
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2008

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      "The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act", also known as Prop 2, passes in an historic vote in California.  Prop 2 will ban three cruel factory farm animal confinement systems: veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages.  
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      Photo courtesy of "Yes on Prop 2"

      Proposition 2 Passes in California

      Dear Tachi,

      It was announced this morning that "The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act", also known as Proposition 2, passed overwhelmingly by voters in California last night.  Prop 2 is monumental because it will ban three cruel factory farm animal confinement systems in California by the year 2015.  It will affect millions of farm animals in the largest agricultural production state in the country!  
      press release from Farm Sanctuary this morning made the following statement: "With the passage of Prop 2, California becomes the 5th state to outlaw gestation crates (joining Florida, Arizona, Oregon and Colorado) and the third to outlaw veal crates (joining Arizona and Colorado).  Perhaps most significantly, it becomes the first state to ban battery cages for laying hens, who are killed in far greater numbers than either pigs or calves."  
      The Humane Society of the United States also issued a press release this morning and HSUS President Wayne Pacelle stated on his blog that, "it's a very big thing for a hen who would otherwise be confined with a half-dozen other birds in a cage about as big as a filing cabinet for her whole life. It's a really big thing for a sow who would otherwise be stuck in a crate so small she couldn't turn around. It's a way big thing for a calf who would spend life chained inside a miserably tiny crate."
      In addition, Farm Sanctuary stated in their press release that, "California's new law against farm animal cruelty holds the potential to spark an unstoppable precedent for change in the way farm animals are treated nationwide."  Farm Sanctuary, HSUS and other animal protection organizations have actively campaigned for the passage of Prop 2 this year, as have others in the "Yes on Prop 2" coalition, Hollywood celebrities and major national newspapers.  To see what is included in the ban, you can read the wording of "The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act" here.
      It is clear the general public is becoming more aware of the abusive factory farm animal practices that are "business as usual" in the meat, egg and dairy industries throughout the country.  Undercover video investigations from inside stockyards & slaughterhouses have aired on major news networks, television talk shows and websites this year, often inspiring viewers to explore the many benefits a plant-based diet.  
      As a result of this growing public knowledge, many individuals will likely decide to adopt, or transition to, a compassionate vegetarian lifestyle -- where animals are not confined, abused or slaughtered for consumption.  This is the great change our world needs and the passage of Prop 2 is laying a foundation to bring forth that change!
      For all animals,
      Kristen Lee Ohanyan
      President & Co-founder

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