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Anti-fur children's book now also in Chinese, Portuguese//AFS Conference 2013//Other events coming up soon.

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      The Anti-Fur Society
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      A bilingual, fully illustrated anti-fur children’s book by Rosa Close

      How The Little Fox Saved Her Coat
      Dear Friends of Fur Bearing Animals,
      Last time, I had the great pleasure of presenting to you my bilingual, anti-fur children’s book, French/English version. Now, it has been published in Chinese/English, and also in Portuguese/English.  The fourth edition coming up soon, will feature Spanish/English.  The exciting news about this book is that the royalties will go directly to animal rights groups and rescuers I work with. The revenues generated by the Chinese/English version will be donated 100% to animal rights groups in China.
      Here is a great opportunity for you to make a difference: Donate one book to a Chinese child in China, and you will not only be helping that child understand love and respect for animals, but also directly helping animals in China.  We intend to have contacts in China for you to send a gift directly.  Stay tuned.  To learn more about our work in China access our website www.People4Chineseanimals.org.  
      Likewise, the editions in Portuguese/English as well as other language editions are also being considered to benefit animal groups where these languages are spoken. All revenues generated by the sales of this book will be donated to the purchaser’s group choice.  This is a huge effort I am making within my capability to help make a dent towards defeating the bloody fur trade.  We need to educate our children as well as help animal groups worldwide or we will never see the day when animals will be treated humanely!
      To check all the language versions of this book on Amazon (US & Europe): click on this page: http://www.littlefoxbook.com/BOOK-LIST.html
      Warm regards,
      Rosa Close
      The Anti-Fur Society exhibited at the TAFA conference last July where we had the opportunity to meet many new people and present the Little Fox Book. I am very pleased with the reception I received for my cute book (I am not biased :)  We will be exhibiting at the following conferences, and hope you will be able to come by to visit us:
      Luxembourg: Sept 13/16 www.AR-Conference.com 
      DC Veg Fest: Sept 22   www.vegfestdc.com
      Green Festival DC: Sept 29/30 www.greenfestivals.org
      At the DC Veg Fest, we’ll be participating on the children’s story telling when we will read the book while showing slides of the illustrations.  There will be plenty of free vegan food samples too. So, bring your children. It’s free.
      The Green Festival is a very large event, and I am told that between 20,000 to 30,000 people will attend.  Thus, we desperately need volunteers to table for us.  Please let me know if you’d like to come by and give us a hand.  Be prepared to enjoy a very lively event and chat with attendees (mainstream) that have not a clue about the fur industry.  This is a great opportunity for you to campaign for fur bearing animals in a rather sociable environment.
      JOIN US!
      We are coming back in 2013!  Dates will be available soon.  Our first conference last year, was a great success. This time, it will be much larger, and stronger as we are making efforts to partner with other organizations. It will be held again in Old Town Alexandria in the exciting Washington DC area.  Old Town is a lovely place to be, within walking distance to the beautiful Potomac River where day cruises abound.  This could be a good opportunity for your to make it part of your vacation at the capital city!
      We hope to see you at our conference next year!
      So much to do, but so little time…
      Our campaigns news alerts have been long overdue for absolute lack of time.  We need volunteers in all areas.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.  Fur bearing animals desperately need you as the fur industry invests heavily to reintroduce their most inhumane merchandize worldwide.  Please join us!
      Thank you for reading our newsletter!
      The Anti-Fur Society • P.O.Box 10183 • Greensboro, NC 27404-0183
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