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    I received a few enquiries about the term “SILK SCREENED” method used to print the AFS tees. The question has been: Do you use silk?!? The answer is:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2011
      I received a few enquiries about the term “SILK SCREENED” method used to print the AFS tees.  The question has been:  Do you use silk?!?  The answer is:
      “Silk screen is basically an old term for screen printing because it was originated during the ancient Chinese dynasties to screen their silk.  The screen material used nowadays is mostly polyester as but the newest method is the as well as photosensitive screens generated by computer software. The latter is actually what is used for my tees. 
      “Most people use photosensitive screens for screen printing. The screen is covered in a light sensitive emulsion which reacts to UV light. The artist places a stencil of the desired pattern on the screen, exposes it, and washes the screen. The areas exposed to light will harden, creating an impenetrable layer, while the covered areas of the emulsion will wash away, allowing ink to pass through.”
      All shirts (female tops and men's shirts) are trendy, made of good quality cotton and good brand names. Many of the brand names include pre-washed shirts, and all have an excellent fit, making them a nice evening casual wear. The designs are all high quality silk screened that enhance the quality of the garment. Our prices barely cover the costs (shirt and silk screening), but it is because our interest is to make this a good opportunity to spread the word. Our goal is simply to make these garments attractive enough to be worn in a relaxed mainstream atmosphere while passing on the message. We do hope you will support our efforts.
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