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URGENT!!! Action needed -- Rabbits to be beheaded in the Lincoln Center Festival

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    From: Zelda Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2011 11:55 AM To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; Subject: re Action needed -- Rabbits to be beheaded in the Lincoln Center Festival
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      From: Zelda
      Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2011 11:55 AM
      To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
      Subject: re Action needed -- Rabbits to be beheaded in the Lincoln Center Festival
      Re: Action needed -- Rabbits to be beheaded in the Lincoln Center Festival

      PLEASE CALL LINCOLN CENTER IN NYC - ask them to not allow the Royal Shakespeare Company to skin and behead a rabbit on stage - every night - as they stage As You Like it.  The play starts next Wednesday - let's save those rabbits now. 
      Just when you thought the compassion and sensitivity of the human race could not wallow more in the gutter - it has. Please make this call to Lincoln Center in NYC. They are putting on Shakespeare's play "As you like it" and a freshly killed rabbit will be skinned and beheaded on stage. This is the WSJ article:

      This is from Rabbit Wise

      In today’s (7/1/11) Wall Street Journal (Page D4) is an article titled Off With It’s Head, a promotional piece for the Shakespeare play “As  You Like It.”

      As part of the Lincoln Center (New York City) Festival, the Royal Shakespeare Company will be putting on a production of “As You Like It” starting  Wednesday, July 6 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City for six  weeks of repertoire.

      The article states that the Company will get a freshly killed rabbit prior to each performance. Then, as part of this COMEDY, the rabbit  will be skinned and beheaded on stage!

      Please contact the following:

      (1) Call the Lincoln Center Administration Office at 212-875-5000 and ask for Nigel Redden (Lincoln Center Festival director) at x:5127.

      He may say that it isn’t his idea, it’s the Royal Shakespeare Company that chose to do this, but don’t let him get away with that answer.   Redden hired the Company and he needs to feel the heat for allowing   this to (potentially) take place.

      (2) You can also call the Lincoln Center Box Office at 212-721-6500   and let them know that you will NOT attend as long as animal cruelty  and having fun at an animal’s expense are part of the show.

      Hopefully we can get this stopped before it even starts.


      Janine Motta
      NJ House Rabbit Society
      PO Box 259
      Matawan, NJ 07747

      RabbitWise asks all of you rabbit loving British to please complain to the Royal Shakespeare Company:

      Talk to RSC
      0844 800 1110

      Write to RSC
      Royal Shakespeare Company
      Royal Shakespeare Theatre
      CV37 6BB

      On-line e-mail form at:
      Sample letter, which you may send as a supporter of PEACE:
      Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2011 11:44 AM
      Subject: As You Like It....Are you kidding?

      Gentlemen, Ladies,
      If the reports that have been circulating on the internet are correct and you are planning to allow the RSC to behead and skin a rabbit (dead or alive) on stage as part of their presentation of As You Like It, this has got to be one of the most stupid and insensitive things to hit the news in years.  Apparently, there are still "educated" and "intelligent" people (one has got to wonder), who fail to get that the use of real animals as props, as instruments for entertainment and amusement, to exploit, make a buck, whatever....is NOT ACCEPTABLE in this day and age.  The growing awareness of animals as intelligent, sentient beings who experience a wide range of "emotions" and are creatures who, just like human animals, feel pain and are capable of suffering is now documented scientifically, but never acknowledged by the ignorant or those who wish to continue to eat, wear, use and abuse them.
      Theater is all about "pretend" and making the unreal seem real.  Surely there is another solution that can be found. This must end here and now, lest the reputation of your fine organization be besmirched and sullied for years to come and the RSC welcomed to New York by protestors and angry demonstrations. 
      Zelda Penzel, President
      People for the End of Animal Cruelty and Exploitation~PEACE
      NY, NY

      exactly - i posted it on Facebook - including SOS - also many lists.  How barbaric.
      I made my call and left a message - it is easy.  I asked them to simplay not allow this barbaric act to happen - it is their facility. 
      I also left a message on her FB page Janine Motta - to say i would be out there if she wants to do a demo on Wednesday at Lincoln Center. 
      On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 11:23 PM, Odette Wilkens <owilkens@...> wrote:
      Never a dull moment in NYC -- now this!
      Don't know if you've heard about this, so I thought I'd forward this to you directly.
      Begin forwarded message:

      Subject: FW: Action needed -- Rabbits to be beheaded in the Lincoln Center Festival

      I know it's a holiday weekend and a time for fun, but New Yorkers needs to mobilize ASAP -- even if you are away, PLEASE call and/or email Lincoln Center.  Email is customerservice@...

      Details can be found by going to the link below, but bottom line is that starting next week (unless we stop them), actual rabbits will be skinned & beheaded every night over 6 weeks in the Royal Shakespeare Company's "As You Like It" comedy which starts on Wednesday at Park Ave Armory as part of the Lincoln Center Festival.  This was in the Wall Street Journal today with the line that the actors have performed together for the past three years, but "Only the dead bunny is new every night."

      The link below contains an excellent action alert that provides a phone number. 


      There is NO reason this needs to happen.  Imagine if you bought tickets for this show and witnessed a rabbit being skinned and beheaded on stage? 

      Please email and call.

      -- Natalie
      Big Apple Bunnies



      Elizabeth Forel
      Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
      Horses Without Carriages International
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