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      Monthly Newsletter No. 21
      September, 2010

      Hi everyone,
      We've got good news about a rescue and news about revisions to the Animal Protection Law ...

      Incheon Dog-Farm Dogs Rescued

      Some time back we reported on an appalling dog farm located near schools in Incheon, west of Seoul. Typically, the dogs were living in cages filled feces and rotting food waste. Many were young and destined to spend their entire lives in these cages.
      We're happy to report that these dogs have been rescued! It's thanks to the Korean Alliance for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ... more

      Cannibal Dog Has a New Home

      This big dog, whose name is now Gwidong, was the subject of an SBS TV program that investigated the disappearances of dogs in a country village. Gwidong was killing and eating them! He was caught, and now he has been adopted and will finally have a real home.
      He had escaped from a dog farm, which was probably where he was introduced to cannibalism ... more

      Animal Protection Laws Under Revision

      Updates to the Korean animal protection laws are currently being considered by the Korean government. Among them are increased penalties, which KARA is hoping for.
      But a new and wide-ranging euthanasia law is something we don't want to see ... more

      Another Woman Throws a Cat from an Apartment Building

      It's only been a few months since the Eunbee incident, and yet another woman has been charged with throwing a cat from an apartment building. This too has received media attention and left people dumbfounded.
      Sadly, the crime was committed by a 68 year-old woman who can't understand what the fuss is about ... more

      A Visit to ADMH Shelter

      One Sunday a group of volunteers visited the Anti-Dog Meat Headquarters shelter in Incheon to do some volunteer work. The shelter has quite a few handicapped dogs and dogs that came from abusive situations.
      Anti-Dog Meat Headquarters is the name of an animal protection group in Korea. The group's shelter has no manager and is run entirely by volunteers ... more

      Buddhist Prayers for the Dead

      Every year there are Buddhist ceremonies in September to pray for the souls of dead animals and for the animals still living. Because of its growing popularity, a temple famous for its annual animal prayers in Seoul will start performing the ceremony every month.
      It is a time for reflection and for remembering departed loved ones ... more

      ARK Holds a Fundraiser

      The Animal Rescue Korea (ARK) group has a history of finding homes for Korean companion animals. One of its members rescued a family of dogs from Karama, the government kill shelter. However, they came down with distemper and one pup had pneumonia.
      So ARK threw a fundraiser to help care for the family and pay for huge medical costs ... more

      Anti-Dog Meat Petition Still Going

      United Dogs Petition
      At the time of writing, United Dogs' online petition against Korea's dog meat industry is around the 489,000 mark! The ambitious aim of a million signatures is still a long way off, but at least we seem to be getting a rate of about 11,000 signatures a month.
      If you haven't signed already, head on over and sign the petition. If you need to, you can see different language versions of the page using its top-right drop down list. Please tell your friends!

      This Month's Net Highlights

      • Here's an article by Holly Cheever in which she tells some unique and sad tales about cows and their babies.

      • Ex-President Clinton has decided to take up a plant based diet. It's a health rather than ethical decision, but either way he is not supporting factory farming.

      • A small slideshow called ugly animals! But of course, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

      • Use of antibiotics on factory farms is producing disease strains that are resistant to drugs. So, in the US, factory farmers are going to have to cut down on antibiotic use. It's about time.

      • Another reminder comes from Peter Singer that fish are the forgotten victims on people's plates.

      • The egg industry is on the defensive in the US after a massive egg recall due to factory farming. So what does it do? Simply blame the consumer!

      • Here is the reggae-like Why Oh Why song, asking why must we eat the animals. It originates from this site.

      • British farmers are alarmed at the prospect of a megadairy--Britain's biggest dairy--coming to Nocton and bringing a lot of trouble with it.

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