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XXX Urgent: Dog Slaughter Set to Begin Tomorrow: Help Us Stop it

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  • tachi salas
         From: Fred O Regan, International Fund for Animal Welfare Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 5:15 PM Subject: Urgent: Dog Slaughter Set to Begin
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2009

      Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 5:15 PM
      Subject: Urgent: Dog Slaughter Set to Begin Tomorrow: Help Us Stop it

      Help Us Stop the Qinhuangdao Dog Slaughter Before it Starts

      I've just received an urgent report that another city in China is planning a mass cull to slaughter any unregistered dogs, strays, and even registered family dogs that are over 14 inches (35cm) tall.

      Dog owners in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, are even being told to
      kill their own dogs, or else their dogs will be beaten to death by the police and the owners will be charged a fine. Can you imagine being forced to kill your own dog to save it from a more brutal slaughter?

      Unless we can stop this now, the Dog Death squads could be roaming the streets tomorrow – beating, stoning, and killing dogs – some right in front of their owners.

      You might remember the attached e-mail I sent you recently about a similar cull. We found out too late for many of those dogs, but this time we have a chance to stop it before it starts.

      I need you to do two things right now:
      1. Send an e-mail to the Chinese Ambassador in your country. So you can act quickly, I've written an e-mail for you -
      click here to review and send it.. ( http://www.kintera. org/TR.asp? a=ceIEJJMoGbINL6 J&s=chLMKTODKiKLK0PSG&m=nlKVLaOYLnK7F&af=y )

      2. Make a donation to help IFAW end dog culls in China and to protect animals around the world from similar cruelty.

      It’s crucial that you act quickly –according to the government notice, the police will begin combing the streets tomorrow to kill dogs. Please send your message now, and then forward this e-mail to as many of your friends as possible urging them to help us stop this slaughter.

      In addition to working to stop this cull, IFAW is helping draft China's first national animal welfare legislation that will prohibit culls like this. And we're developing a rabies vaccination and sterilization program that we can offer to rural communities to humanely prevent rabies and control dog populations.

      We’ve stopped culls like this in other Chinese cities, and we can stop this one too!
      Please send your message of protest today.

      And then please make a donation to help us continue our efforts to help save animals around the world from cruelty and exploitation.

      Please act now to save these dogs - make it the very next thing you do.

      Thank you,


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      Dead dogs- many of them family 
pets-litter the streets of Hanzhong City. Help us stop this brutal slaughter!

      If you are having problems reading this email, please click here to view it as a webpage.

      Dead dogs- many of them family pets-litter the streets of Hanzhong City. Help us stop this brutal slaughter!; International Fund for Animal Welfare
      You can help us end bloodbaths like this and protect dogs in China from future culls
      Photo: Dog cull in Hanzhong

      A death squad pursues a terrified dog.

      Please help stop the slaughter.

      A massive cull in the Chinese city of Hanzhong has claimed the lives of more than 30,000 dogs - and now we need your help to make sure that it never happens again.

      The local government ordered the mass slaughter of all dogs as the result of a few cases of rabies deaths. Dog killing squads are stalking the streets, mercilessly beating dogs to death with sticks and rocks.

      Friendly dogs - even healthy family pets - are being slaughtered right in front of their owners. Can you even begin to imagine how you'd feel if that happened to your dog?

      IFAW has pleaded with government officials to stop the killing - and now we turn to you.

      Please help us stop these cruel and massive slaughters once and for all.

      Horrifying scenes of cruelty

      Some of the pictures from culls like these are so horrifying that I can't even show them to you. And I hate having to describe this, but I think you need to know the truth about what's happening.

      In one series of pictures, several small and fluffy white dogs - you can just tell they're used to snuggling on the laps of their loving owners - are trapped in a makeshift cage. One by one, the dogs are pulled out with a pair of long metal tongs, and brutally beaten with a stick. And then - even though it appears that some of the dogs may still be alive - they're tossed into a pit to be burned.

      I can't even imagine the pain and terror these poor dogs endure when the fire is set.

      So many dogs will suffer slow and painful deaths...we must stop this cruelty now!

      What we're doing and how you can help

      We have received so many messages in the past few days from animal lovers like you inside and outside China - pleading with us to step in and stop the slaughters like the one in Hanzhong City.

      I assure you, IFAW is working to end these culls:
      We CAN stop culls like this

      We recently joined with concerned animal lovers in China to stop a similar mass slaughter in the city of Heihe by pointing out that the killing of dogs that have rightful owners is a violation of the basic rights of a citizen - owned dogs and cats are considered the "personal property" of Chinese citizens, and should be protected under China's Constitution.

      Plus, it has been proven that rabies can be effectively controlled by a well-managed vaccination program. In fact, a humane vaccination and neuter program in Chennai, India, has dramatically reduced rabies cases there by over 95%.

      So we must act now to stop the killing! Please click here to contact the Chinese Ambassador in your country to call for an end to mass slaughters like this and to encourage China to pass legislation that protects all animals, including companion animals.

      And then please donate what you can today to help us set up an emergency vaccination fund to help cities in China establish rabies prevention programs, help eliminate these mass dog culls once and for all, and to continue our mission to protect animals around the world from cruelty.

      The slaughtered dogs of Hanzhong City deserved a better fate. Please help us ensure that dogs in other communities in China are protected from similar mass killings.

      Thank you so much for your help,

      Fred O'Regan Signature
      Fred O'Regan
      IFAW President

      p.s. I have to tell you, the images of this dog slaughter keep me up at night. If you've ever enjoyed the companionship of a dog, then you know that they truly are members of our families. Please help us protect family pets by donating to our vaccination fund and our anti-cruelty campaigns around the world.

      Please forward this e-mail to your friends, family, and colleagues who care about animals as much as you do.
      Copyright International Fund for Animal Welfare 2009

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