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RARA E-NEWS AUGUST 2009 [Animal Rights Advocates]

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      Animal Rights Advocates
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      Dear ARA Supporter

      Welcome to the August 2009 edition of Animal Rights Advocates Inc. E-NEWS. We've got loads of things coming up over the next few months so keep your diary handy. Please also forward this to any of your friends that you think might be interested in finding out more about ARA's activities.You can subscribe to ARA's E-NEWS here.

      Feminism and Animal Rights Again

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      With so much more still to be said about the links between feminism and animal rights, ARA is holding another workshop in conjunction with ROAR Feminist Collective:

      3-6pm, Sunday 9 August 2009
      Earthwise Centre, 315 Bagot Road, Subiaco

      Some refreshments will be provided but feel free to bring along some vegan food to share.
      Check out the facebook event or find out more from the ARA website.
      Keep in touch with Facebook and MySpace

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      Why not join our Facebook group or befriend us on MySpace? Keep in touch with what’s going on with ARA and link in with other animal rights activists at the same time.
      A big thank you to Amy Kauler for ARA’s new look MySpace page!
      ARA's Flickr account has lots of our photos. All of ARA's photos are licensed under a creative commons license which means you are free to download and use them as long as it is for non-profit purposes and you attribute the images to Animal Rights Advocates Inc.
      ARA also has a YouTube channel with video footage from our investigations and some presentations on animal rights theory.
      Westpork Cruelty Adjourned Again

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      The Westpork cruelty case saga continues with the case adjourned again until the 17 August. We encourage you to attend Midland Magistrates Court on the day. Please wear an ARA t-shirt if you have one.
      The manager of Western Australia's largest piggery, Neil Ferguson, is still on the board of the pork industry's peak body (Australian Pork Ltd) despite being charged with an animal cruelty offence. He is also on the Pork Industry Training Committee in WA, and is the Chair of the WA Agriculture Produce Commission's Pork Committee.
      Please write to each member of the APL Board, urging them to immediately suspend Mr Ferguson from his position on the Board until the animal cruelty charge is heard in court, and that he is removed permanently if found guilty. Ask that APL also makes a recommendation to the WA Pork Industry Training Committee and the WA Agricultural Produce Commission that his position is reviewed in light of the animal cruelty charge, and that further action is taken to revoke these positions if Mr Ferguson is convicted.
      The members of the APL Board are: Mr Enzo Allara (Chairman), Mr Aeger Kingma, Mr Kenneth Cameron, Mr Paul Pattison, Mrs Kathy Grigg, Mrs Kay Carey, and Mrs Christine Quick.
      Send your letters for each member to:
      Australian Pork Limited
      PO Box 148
      Deakin West ACT 2600
      Write to the West Australian Pork Producers' Association who facilitates the Pork Industry Training (WA) committee, noting that Mr Ferguson has been charged with an animal cruelty offence and should therefore not be allowed a training role in the pork industry until the case is heard in court. Highlight your concern about Mr Ferguson's involvement in the development and facilitation of training courses on stockpersonship and production given the charge against him.
      Mr Russell Cox
      Executive Officer
      West Australian Pork Producers' Association
      277 Great Eastern Highway
      Belmont WA 6104

      Write to the Agricultural Produce Commission, stressing that a person charged with an animal cruelty offense must not be permitted to continue to be on the Board of a government committee supporting the pork industry until the case is resolved.

      Ingrid Smith
      Executive Officer
      Agricultural Produce Commission
      3 Baron-Hay Court
      South Perth WA 6151
      Email: apc@...
      Become an ARA Supporter

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      ARA is a volunteer-run organisation that runs entirely on donations and memberships.
      For just $20 ($15 concession) you can become an ARA supporter and help ARA keep working to stop animal exploitation.
      Download a subscription form.
      No-Kill Cat Shelter

      Cat (image/jpeg 32799 bytes)
      Perth No-Kill Cat Shelter is a group that is being formed to create another cat shelter for Perth. Shenton Park Cat Haven and the people there do an amazing job but have to struggle under a huge demand. This group is being formed to take some of that pressure and to promote the idea of a no-kill shelter as a viable solution. The no-kill policy has had a proven track record overseas and we firmly believe it can work here as well. At the moment we are trying to get the group named, incorporated and a website up and running.

      If you have any time to spare, ideas to share or encouragement to give please join the group on facebook or send Lee an email (lee.hamelin@...) and she will keep you in the loop for the first meet up. Remember this isn't an impossible dream, we can make it reality.
      To find out more about the No-Kill Shelter movement check out the No Kill Advocacy Center.
      Seeking an Auditor

      frog (image/gif 21734 bytes)
      Are you an auditor or know someone who is that could audit ARA’s financials?
      ARA needs an auditor for our bookkeeping requirements in time for an AGM in October. While a pro bono auditor would be our preference, it is not a necessity so please ask anyone you know that might be able to help.
      Please get in touch on info@...
      HOME: The Movie

      home movie (image/gif 21289 bytes)
      We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate. The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and the movie HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilisation out to every human being.
      ARA will be hosting a free cinema screening of HOME later in the year but you can also watch it on Youtube.
      Read a blog post from Gary L. Francione on the movie and another one on organising your own HOME parties.
      Check out the trailer below:
      New Abolitionist Articles

      coweye (image/gif 25013 bytes)
      Check out the following articles for inspiration and ideas:
      Occasionally, vegans encounter the claim that plants are sentient as a kind of objection to going vegan. The uninformed reasoning suggests that since ‘all life’ is sentient, it doesn’t matter what we eat. Dan Cudahy explores a response.
      Gary L. Francione posted a note on Facebook asking for people to tell me about their efforts at non-violent, creative vegan/abolitionist education. This article compiles some of the reponses.
      A short article by Gary L. Francione on whether animals don't care if we kill them as long as they are treated well in life. Contains a video.
      Animal advocates often debate whether to use gory materials in their educational efforts. Gary L. Francione explores whether advocates should show videos of slaughterhouses or other brutal situations.
      Many animal advocates assume that we need an organization–some organization–in order to advocate for nonhuman animals; that we need a leader–some leader–to show us the way. Gary L. Francione argues otherwise.
      Dan Cudahy explores the differences in where the animal protection movement is headed.
      Dan Cudahy reviews a range of articles on the topic.
      Why abolitionism inevitably involves a critique of animal welfare. Written by Karin Hilpisch and James Crump.
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