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  • The Sacramento Public Library is hosting a live discussion on Tuesday, February 4 at 7 pm. Librarians will be poised to discuss The Hobbit and the latest film. For more information or to participate, please check out the web page . There you will also see information about your own Tolkien discussion group . If you have questions or comments, please contact Amy at acalhoun@^$1...
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Jan 10, 2014
  • Hi, It looks like this meeting has been cancelled because of Mother's Day. The next meeting will be June 20 at the Carmichael Library, unless it is moved to Coffee Garden. Check out the Full Circle Sacramento group page on Yahoo for updates. Stephenee --- In FullCircleSacramento@^$1, "calafalas11" wrote: > > Greetings. We are back and are finally starting to feel less jet lagged...
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net May 12, 2013
  • Who went? Did the discussion flow? Did you like the Carmichael meeting room?
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Mar 10, 2013
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  • The first meeting is Sunday, March 10 from 4 to 6 at the Carmichael Library, Who is planning on going? Please let us know so we can get a count. If you would like to bring refreshments, I'm certain your fellow friends won't mind. I won't be able to attend, as I have work to do at the library. Let me know how it goes! Stephenee
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Mar 8, 2013
  • Hello all, The first meeting is Sunday, March 10 from 4 to 6 at the Carmichael Library, 5605 Marconi Ave. I have adapted some study questions for the group to consider. You may use these to keep focused at your first meeting. Unfortunately, the Tolkien discussion meeting is the same afternoon as Central's Notable Books event featuring Swift's Gulliver's Travels, which will run from...
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Feb 14, 2013
  • ...Central, like to discussion programs. I'll wait and see if things change before March 10th. Randee To: FullCircleSacramento@^$5 From: stepheneeborelli@^$6 Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 20:25:50 +0000 Subject: [FullCircleSacramento] First Meetings Scheduled 15 people have cast their votes...
    Stephenee Borelli Jan 29, 2013
  • 15 people have cast their votes for the best time to meet. The majority would like to meet Sunday afternoons once a month. Since I work on Sundays and can't have the meetings at Central, you are on your own. Can I have a volunteer to oversee the meetings and take responsibility for the room? The Carmichael Library is the only other branch open on Sundays. I have booked their...
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Jan 24, 2013
  • ...evenings and Sunday afternoons are in the lead. Be sure to cast your vote in the online poll. --- In FullCircleSacramento@^$1, "stepheneeborelli@^$2.." wrote: > > What days and times would you like the Full Circle Sacramento Tolkien Discussion Group to meet? > > Please use...
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Jan 10, 2013
  • What days and times would you like the Full Circle Sacramento Tolkien Discussion Group to meet? Please use the poll linked below. You may select more than one day and time. http://www.doodle.com/ciminy76gxhzffui Thanks for participating! Stephenee Borelli
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Jan 4, 2013
  • The Sacramento Public Library's program series, Full Circle: An Exploration of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings has come to a close, but the fun need not end! Join the Full Circle Yahoo Group to keep the momentum going as we form into a lasting Tolkien discussion group. Please share your ideas and visions. What is our mission? When should we meet? Once a month? every two months...
    stepheneeborelli@sbcglobal.net Jan 4, 2013