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84Re: Bagginses Birthday at Farrells on Sept. 22.

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  • calafalas11
    Sep 8, 2013
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      The Hobbit dude and I will attend the Bagginses Birthday Party. We also concur with the McClatchy library meeting place. Wednesday evening works better for us, but we'll see how it goes.

      --- In FullCircleSacramento@yahoogroups.com, Ralph Montano <remontano@...> wrote:
      > Farrell's Ice Cream at Watt and Arden Way.
      > I will put this down for 1 p.m. if that is alright with everyone?
      > Also, I will post this on the SacGeek webpage.
      > FYI: Sept. 22 also happens to be the Equinox and the day I married my lovely wife! No, we did not have a hobbit themed wedding. In fact, I'm both ashamed and proud that the LotR connection to the date never occurred to me. It was my father-in-law-to-be that pointed it out.
      > This is also a long way of saying I make no promises on being attending this event, but I'm happy to see it occur.
      > In the meantime, I will talk to the friendly staff at McClatchy library about reserving the upstairs room for one day a month. It would have to be either Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon. They are not open on Sunday.
      > I promise you will all love the location, if it is available. It is a beautiful home on Poverty Ridge and close to Light Rail.
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