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52Next Meeting of Full Circle Sac is June 30 4 to 6 p.m.

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  • Ralph Montano
    May 11, 2013
      We are reading Prologue and Book 1 (Chapters 1 to 12)
      I've started discussion questions

      1.     According to the Prologue, The Lord of the Rings is set on OUR world a long time ago. Most people don’t think of it that way. They think it’s on another planet or plane of existence. Why did JRRT set his story on Earth?

      2.     “In a hole, there lived a hobbit.” And from these words scratched on a paper he was grading, JRRT began his journey. Who are the real hobbits in our world and what does it mean to be a hobbit?

      3.     The Lord of the Rings is actually made up of six books. Two were collected in each volume of what we now think of as the “trilogy”. But JRRT wrote it in six books and each book has themes. Can you think of a theme for Book One (Chapters 1 to 12 of The Fellowship of the Ring)?

      4.     The relationship between the four hobbits is very different at the beginning of the book. Who do you think is Frodo’s best friend at the beginning? Who does he seem to know the least?

      5.     In Chapter II, Shadows of the Past, JRRT skips over 20 years in the span of two pages. When was the last time you saw a modern fantasy writer skip over 20 years in two pages? When was the last time you saw a modern fantasy writer skip over a month or a week? Why is that?

      6.     In Chapter VI, The Old Forest we see once again that among the trees is not the place to be. Every forest in Middle Earth is very dangerous (Mirkwood, The Old Forest, Fangorn). Why do you think that is?

      7.     Who is Tom Bombadil? Frodo asks twice and doesn’t really get a straight answer. What do you think.

      8.     Let’s play What If? The Lord of the Rings version. It works like this, I pose a what if question and you answer it to the end of the story. Ready? What if Frodo gave Tom Bombadil the One Ring? And …go!

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