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37Second Meeting 4/14/2013 @ 2p.m. Coffee Garden on Franklin Blvd

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  • Ralph Montano
    Mar 21, 2013
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      First Discussion:
      There But Not Back Again: The Hobbit rewrite that Tolkien never did.

      Reading Assignment: Lord of the Rings Appendix A, Part III, Durin's Folk

      After the publication of Lord of the Rings, Tolkien intended to rewrite the
      Hobbit into a true prequel to the story, but it never happened. We will discuss
      why not and look at some of what he may have intended to put into the story.
      This discussion ties in perfectly with the movie discussion because much of the
      dwarf history covered in the first hour of the Hobbit movie come directly from
      this Appendix.

      Q. Does anyone else see a parallel between the history of the Dwarves and the Jews? What do people think of that?
      Q. Gandalf was concerned Sauron would recruit the dragon Smaug to his side? What does the group think Sauron could offer the dragon?
      Q. Putting the history of Thorin's people into Lord of the Rings context, we know that Thorin's grandfather wore one of seven dwarven rings. How do you think that impacted their history?

      Second discussion
      The Hobbit movie vs. book
      Reading assignment: 1) The Hobbit Chapters 1 to 6
      Appendix A, Part III and the first six chapters cover most of the action that occurred during the first
      of the Hobbit movie. We will discuss some of the key points and differences.

      Q. Peter Jackson really plays up the tribe without a home aspect of the dwarves in the movie. Does it help them as characters for the viewer?
      Q. Hey, that big orc in the movie is supposed to be dead! Why did Peter Jackson keep the orc alive and when with Thorin Oakenshield face him?
      Q. What did you think of the dishes cleaning scene in the movie vs. the book?
      Q. What did you think of the Great Goblin's characterization movie vs. book?
      Q. I was watching The Hobbit movie, when suddenly an Indiana Jones movie busted out! What do you make of flight through Goblin Town? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
      Q. Riddles in the Dark movie vs. Book. What did you think?