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208Re: Full Circle Sacramento at E. McClatchy Library on Aug 16

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  • Ralph Montano
    Aug 7, 2014
      I've finished the reading assignment for our next meeting, on August 16. Here are a couple of discussion topics.Feel free to add your own.

      How many elephants did Legolas kill in the actual book, Return of The King? Let us discuss the many, many differences between the Battle for Gondor in the book vs. the same battle in the movie. 

      In these three chapters we also see Tolkien depict the horrors of war. I feel some of these images he knew firsthand from his service in WWI. I’d like to discuss some of these and how his characters react to those horrors on the field of battle.

      Next month, we will be putting down the book to play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuits! (Start rewatching the movies now, because the trivia question are all about the movies, not the books.)

      October we will finish off the next four chapters of The Return of The King.
      Then, in November and December, it will be time to pick up The Hobbit one last time in anticipation of the final Peter Jackson movie.
      Please plan on joining us!
      Ralph Montano
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