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  • Ralph Montano
    Jan 15, 2014
      We had an interesting and lively discussion on this topic.
      Some people agreed with me that it may have been a device by Tolkien inserted to make the rest of his story work.
      Others were less harsh on Aragorn for his indecision and said Legolas did the wise thing by giving the group a real task to focus on in their grief and indecision.
      But the most interesting thing to me was raised by a new participant, Deana. She pointed out burial may just be a critical part of society in Middle Earth.
      A lightbulb about this comment came to me yesterday. And here it is:
      There are TONS of UNDEAD in Middle Earth.
      Barrow wrights, ghosts and will-o-the-wisps in swamps, an army of dead oath breakers.
      Might that make burial rituals important if not vital in Middle Earth?
      HECK YES!
      The last thing the fellowship would want to do is leave Boromir to wander the area as a ghost. As it was, he kind of became a ghost anyhow and appeared to his brother. But maybe after that he was able to move on to an afterlife, or something.
      Anyhow, thanks Deana!
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