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144RE: [FullCircleSacramento] RE: Facebook page

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  • Langworthy-Smith Jacqueline
    Dec 15, 2013
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      Randee –


      I cannot find the group on Face book. I have tried the FULL name, “Full Circle Tolkien Book Group” and various derivatives to no avail. May I please be added to the group?




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      Rebekah...sorry that you were not able to attend the January meeting. Five of us had seen the movie but a new member and Ralph had not yet so we tried not to give anything away but our excitement about seeing it and how great it was!
      Four members had gone to see it at the IMAX for the 12am first showing Thursday night/Friday morning. I just watched it on a regular screen but will also see it 3-D at the IMAX later. Everyone who did watch it there insisted that really was the best way to see it! And if you use the code word : BILBO, you can get $3 off of the price either buying a ticket through Fandango or at the box office. This is good till the end of the year only. I sent you an invite to join the FB page I opened:
      Full Circle Tolkien Book Group. Check out the Facebook page as I post lots of related videos and articles .





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