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  • Gwen Zimmerman
    Nov 28, 2009
      Hi Jim,
      It is so nice to connect with others from this line.  Guess we are all related, even if distantly.
      I just started with the genealogy and am building my family slowly as I have already made mistakes with ancestry.com and lost whole line a couple of times.  My particular hang up is if Wilton Moody and Peachy Cook Moody are indeed Margaret's parents.  I see a case on both sides and maybe will never know for sure.  I would love to have anything.  I am trying to post many photos on the ancestry site to make a booklet for my kids and grandkids.
      I also have some pictures - some are identified and some so faded that I can't read or were never identified.  These are ones that I know were from my grandmother so would have been that line.  I do have some from my mother's side of the family (all in the same box) but think I have those sorted out.
      I can make a photo album on the group site tomorrow and then if anyone wants to download them they are welcome to them.
      Are Tom Ward and his wife buried in Upper Spruce Cemetery?  I have been there but did not know who they were at that time.  I would love to have them, though as now I am learning so much about my roots and it has only been a month.  Wish I would have ask more questions of my grandmother.  Until this last month - had not even heard the name Moody and only the Frymier name because my brother did some research a couple of years ago.  Now I know all the names that you mentioned.

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      Date: Saturday, November 28, 2009, 3:14 PM

      Hi Gwen,
      My name is Jim. My Freymeyer/Frymire/ Frymier connection is through
      my maternal grandmother. Her name was Fredda Brice Frymier-Rexroad,
      Daughter of Ernest H. Frymier and Lulu Michael-Frymier. Your great-grandmother (Francis V. Frymier-Ward) and my great-grandfather, Ernest H. Frymier, were brother and sister.
      I don't know what information you have but on the Frymier line I
      go back as far as Johann Michael Freymeyer (1670-1757) with a few
      gaps. I don't have any information on the Moody line and what little
      I have names Wilton Moody and Peachy Cook as the parents of Elizabeth Margaret Moody (which seems to conflict with others research). But,
      I am willing to share what I have. I also got some photographs of
      Frymier graves on my last trip to West Virginia in September of this
      year. In particular, I have photos of the graves of Francis V. Frymier-Ward, her husband, and a few of their children. If you are
      interested, please let me know via the Frymire Family group or my
      email. I hope to hear from you.

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      > Hi All,
      > My name is Gwen and I just got interested in genealogy when I started going through lots of really old photos that belonged to my grandmother and grandparents (on the other side of the family)- all from Ritchie County, WV. I have two calling cards that finally (in my mind) settled which spelling was right for my relatives - Frymier.
      > My great grandmother was Francis (Sis) Virginia Frymier who married Thomas Floyd Ward.
      > I am particularly interested in the parents of Margaret Elizabeth Moody - mother of Francis. I am finding Wilton Moody and Frances "Peachy" Cook as her parents, yet that conflicts with other's research.
      > Anyone else researching this line that can help would be appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Gwen

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