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45Re: [Frymire-Family_Genealogy] Introduction

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  • Yvonne Stephens
    Nov 26, 2009
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      Hi..I'm Yvonne (Moody) Stephens...Red Cloud NE...
      I wasn't going to respond to you for a bit...as I still have a couple of FT-ARRA grants to complete..oh well I'll get them done.
      I agree with you on the idea that Wilton is NOT Margaret Elizabeth's parents....my Great grandfather is Fountain Moody married to Elenor/Helena (Frymier), I have found her first name spelled many different ways...it came down through the family bible, her headstone, etc as Helena...I do have a photo of my great-grandparents.
      It took me 40 years and tromping many Kansas cemetery's to find where they were buried...my elders are all deceased....I do have photo's...
      My father was not born when they were alive...my dad was one of the family members who left Kansas and moved to SD.
      So what do you have and what info would you like..I'm willing to share...
      My thoughts are:
      Margaret Elizabeth and Fountain are siblings..but Wilton and Francis are not their parents, I think Wilton was perhaps a brother or Uncle and when the parents died he took Elizabeth and Fountain into his household...
      Because of the naming patterns of the Scotch/Irish I believe the fathers name was
      Benjiman (odd spelling)....
      I do know Helena was born in Shenandoah Valley...as this is written on her headstone.
      Fountain Moody & John Frymier joined the Union Army (Civil War) at the same time as well as getting married at the same time in Barbour Co. Fountain has a Civil War headstone....
      Soooo brother/sister married brother/sister.
      Photography is my #1 hobby with genealogy a close second along with HS & college Football....(smile)...
      What info do you have from other researches that conflict the Wilton...  so far I have never run into one...although I have not ran into any serious Moody researchers...the Moody clan were very elusive...I have found.
      will look forward to hearing from you...vonnie
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      From: Gwen

      Hi All,

      My name is Gwen and I just got interested in genealogy when I started going through lots of really old photos that belonged to my grandmother and grandparents (on the other side of the family)- all from Ritchie County, WV. I have two calling cards that finally (in my mind) settled which spelling was right for my relatives - Frymier.

      My great grandmother was Francis (Sis) Virginia Frymier who married Thomas Floyd Ward.

      I am particularly interested in the parents of Margaret Elizabeth Moody - mother of Francis. I am finding Wilton Moody and Frances "Peachy" Cook as her parents, yet that conflicts with other's research.

      Anyone else researching this line that can help would be appreciated.


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