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      Voter Guide
      Click here to read and print the guide (Take it to the polls with you)
      Latest articles published online:
      San Francisco, Nov. 2 Election: Last Minute Intelligence
      By Sebastian Robles

      � Bush struggling for second place in San Francisco

      � Chronicle�s Phil Bronstein: �They [the Editorial Board] stuck it to Newsom for his betrayal.�

      � James Calloway, an African American School Board candidate, has been abducted by flying saucers from outer space.

      � Candidate Saucedo was forced to admit her staff made homophobic attacks against another gay candidate in District 9; Bustos and Saucedo boasting Ammiano, Lucrecia the only real opponent of incumbent

      � Sandoval and McGoldrick winning by default?

      � Proposition F sailing to victory?

      � Propositions J and K in trouble, Newsom spends big on TV ads

      � The fight in D5 is between two Greens, Haaland in third place

      These are the latest analysis, poll results and rumors floating in politically-rich San Francisco:
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      SF School Board race: Who framed Mark Sanchez?
      MetroscopeThe "Gang of Four" and Downtown's SFSOS ... That's who!
      By Carlos Petroni

      Tuesday night, the President of the BOE Dan Kelley proposed to censure Commissioner and teacher Mark Sanchez for conduct unbecoming of a BOE member. The bogus resolution stated that Sanchez had an altercation with a fellow Board member (Hiles) and publicly challenged the veracity of a report by a highly placed assistant of Superintendent Arlene Ackerman.

      Heather Hiles has already spent $200,000 on her run for School Board. The money came from big Downtown businesses. Her list of contributors is a �Who�s Who� out of the most crooked world of high finance: people from PG&E, the GAP, big law firms, realtors and developers, Mayor Newsom and his coterie� This does not include over $100,000 in soft money spent so far on Hiles� behalf by� the same people who contributed to her war chest, this time in the form of the right wing Downtown �issue-oriented� SFSOS.

      The Case for Leonard Peltier for President: Justice and Freedom
      By Paul Burton

      When California voters go to the polls on election day they will see a candidate listed for president whose name is vaguely familiar but unmentioned in any media coverage of the 2004 campaign. As the candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party, Leonard Peltier may be the first presidential candidate since Eugene Debs in 1920 to be locked in a jail cell while running for president.

      Some will recall that Peltier has been serving a double-life sentence in federal prison since his conviction in 1976 for the murders of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota in June of 1975.

      School Board race: On the Use of School Children as Pawns by Downtown's SFSOS and Big Businesses
      Metroscopeby Eileen Left

      The San Francisco Chronicle, the downtown right wing �think tank� SFSOS and SFUSD Superintendent Arlene Ackerman could not have done a more thorough job of debasing the debate over the future of public education in San Francisco.

      The SFUSD is a district with a $600 million budget. City voters last November authorized a $295 million capital improvement bond, which can be bundled with state bond funds. It employs almost 7000 workers, 4000 of whom are teachers.

      Four seats are up for election on November 2. Progressive incumbents Mark Sanchez and Eric Mar are seeking re-election. Faux liberal Jill Wynns is seeking her fourth term. Heather Hiles is Newsom�s appointee and a former employee of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

      District 9 Supervisorial race: The Left on Gangs, Schools and Small Businesses, Interview with Lucrecia Bermudez
      Metroscopeby Idelfonso Rodriguez

      Question�Many times, voters and observers recognize that left wing candidates and political organizations have an overall correct set of policies, principles and ideas (opposition to war, defense of civil rights, workers� rights, anti-racism, etc). In fact, you have been speaking on these issues quite eloquently, as well as about immigrant rights. Still, many people buy into the idea that leftists are incapable of translating them into concrete solutions for day to day issues. That is why, today I would like to ask you about gangs, crime, schools and small business.

      Lucrecia Bermudez�That is precisely the bridge we crossed and continue to cross by building a new progressive left movement. We do not see a separation between day to day struggles and needs in our workplaces, communities and neighborhoods and the so called �big issues,� but rather a relationship in which they affect each other. In order to pay for the war in Iraq, Bush�and the Democrats in Congress�cut social services, reduced the money available to schools and hospitals, delayed taking care of our infrastructure such as roads and telecommunications �. It is a fact that imperial adventures, like the war in Iraq, bring about more hatred, the violation of the right to self determination of other nations and kill innocent civilians as well as GIs, but also have a very local, direct and negative impact on our lives as well�

      To Ammianoite Nancy Ch�rraga: Lucrecia's proposals are viable, Incumbent Ammiano is not
      The debate Ammiano and his supporters don�t want to have

      By Carlos Petroni

      Nancy Charraga wrote a piece titled �Enough Ammiano Bashing, Lucrecia, Let's talk about Viable Solutions� published in the Sentinel. The piece was an attempt to answer Lucrecia�s blasting of the incumbent actions of bringing the paramilitary thugs known as the Guardian Angels to the Mission. The editor of Frontlines, Carlos Petroni, sent a version of this answer to the Sentinel�s publisher/editor Pat Murphy as a reply. Murphy rejected the piece. The Sentinel endorses Ammiano and Bustos for the District 9 supervisorial race and, apparently, like Ammiano, has no intention of engaging in an open debate. Readers can see Charraga�s piece at the San Francisco Sentinel.com UPDATE: Since the writing of this piece, Ammiano stated at a forum that the idea of the Guardian Angels �did not work out�
      Why and How Tom Ammiano Lost his Thunder... Again, and Again (*)
      By Berta Hern�ndez and Gregory Brown

      Tom Ammiano, using a loophole in the District Elections law, is running for a fourth term�the law clearly indicates that any elected supervisor may serve two 4-year terms and Ammiano has already served 10 years on the Board of Supervisors (BOS). He is now pandering to Newsom in order to survive a race with strong opponents, including some who were his friends until recently. Many predict that years of sliding to the right is catching up with him and that November 2 will bury his political career.

      District 9 Supervisorial race: Renee Saucedo, Opportun-ist Knocks
      MetroscopeBy Berta Hernandez (*)

      Renee Saucedo describes herself as a �respected community leader� who �has dedicated her work and life to working with people and communities that have been historically disenfranchised, underrepresented, and politically marginalized by society.� She has been portrayed in different, mainstream media outlets as a representative of the Latino and immigrant communities of District 9; she has recently in her electoral propaganda even called herself �la abogada del pueblo� (the people�s lawyer).

      Her real history, however, points to an unsuccessful hunt for political opportunities by someone always on the lookout for the right issue and the right time and the story of a frustrated wanna-be-mainstream �community leader� who presumes to speak in the name of the �poor and the oppressed� in order to access political privileges. The story of a person capable of changing her positions and her principles to latch on to the most favorable trends.

      District 5 Supervisorial Race: Beneath the Rhetoric it's Machine vs. Greens. Why Vote for Ross Mirkarimi in District 5?
      by Carlos Petroni

      Ross Mirkarimi has few of Matt Gonzalez� virtues and most of his defects. Right now he needs to appeal to the left if he wants to sprint ahead in the D5 race.

      Unfortunately the anointed �frontrunner� is cautious to the point of paralyzing his proposals, is quasi-pandering to �moderates� and does not currently demonstrate the people skills possessed by the retiring incumbent. Matt Gonzalez only endorsed him after many hesitations and conflicts.

      District 5 Supervisorial Race: Why Robert Haaland is a Prisoner and a Tool of the Machine
      Metroscopeby Carlos Petroni

      Beneath Perceptions and Forms, are the Reality and Substance of a Machine at War

      Months ago, at the press conference launching the campaign for Proposition F�extending to immigrant parents the right to vote in School Board elections�Robert Haaland approached me and said �I know that you can�t endorse me��

      �I don�t endorse Democrats�I answered�but many of us believe the final fight will be between you and Mirkarimi�� In that fight, we already have a side.

      In another encounter, Haaland said that he, �always enjoys reading in Frontlines about myself�� He was referring to an article in which another writer lauded the fact that a transgender activist was a frontrunner for elective office, overcoming the obstacles of discrimination and dismissal.

      District 5 Supervisorial race: Brett Wheeler's Political Confessions
      by Brett Wheeler
      Candidate for Supervisor, District 5

      It�s a great political irony that we can love politics so much while disdaining politicians. Those of us who love music wouldn�t think of denigrating musicians. But politicians, you might say, will say anything to get elected.

      On the other hand, though, there are musicians who will play anything just to get heard, pandering to the suburban consumer. So that�s it: Politicians are the Yannis of politics.

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