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Candidate for Office: Democracy and Civil Rights Need you!

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    Civil Rights and Voting Rights Need Your Help, Now! Support Proposition F Dear candidate for Supervisor, School Board: Thank you! for taking the time to run
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2004

      Civil Rights and Voting Rights Need Your Help, Now!

      Support Proposition F

      Dear candidate for Supervisor, School Board:

      Thank you! for taking the time to run for office. We need as many voices as possible out there to make our democracy vibrant. And talking about democracy� You probably heard about Proposition F, the initiative to extend the right to vote for School Board to all parents with children in the public schools.

      Proposition F is endorsed by the overwhelming majority of elected officials and political parties, community organizations and the SF Labor Council (please, see our list of endorsements below.)  We are proud of living in a City that is not shy about enfranchising people, a City that will defend gay marriage, reject Proposition 187, defend affirmative action and now is supporting Proposition F.

      But the battle will not be easy.  While only the local Republican Party, few politicians and big corporations are opposed to it, they are powerful, rich and control most of the local media.  They are also disseminating misinformation about Proposition F.  That is where you come in.

      We want your support.  You are running for office and you are organizing your supporters to canvass the neighborhoods.  You are talking to voters and giving your opinion about issues.  Your help may prove extremely valuable.  This is what we are asking you to do:

      1. Endorse Proposition F -- If we can have the endorsement of the majority of the candidates running for office, together with the majority of the elected officials and significant clubs, unions and political organizations, we will show to the world, but more importantly to San Francisco voters that we may have many differences, but we are uniting about Civil Rights and the defense and enhancement of democracy.

      2. Send us a check for $200 to help defray the costs of our campaign and to include you as an endorser.

      3. Mention Proposition F in your literature and feature it prominently in your website, linking to our website: http://www.voice4parents.com  Talk about it at forums and debates.

      4. Help us distribute literature about Proposition F.  We are about to produce 100,000 brochures, tabloid format about Proposition F with our endorsements, featuring testimonies from parents and personalities and explaining the issues involved.  If we receive your endorsement in the next few days, your name will be included in the publication.  Make plans to add this brochure during your own literature drops in the neighborhoods.

      5. Last, but not least: Come to our Kickoff rally. Saturday, September 18 -- 6 PM at the Women's Building. Speakers, music, entertainment and lots of fun. You may bring your endorsement check to the event and you will receive a warm mention from the stage.

      Please, make all checks payable to Voice for All Parents

      You are not able to come to our kickoff rally, but would like to help? Send your contribution and endorsement to:

      Voice for All Parents c/o Carlos Petroni, Treasurer, 3311 Mission Street, Suite 135, SF, CA 94110

      Thank You! And we hope to see you soon.  Good luck with your campaign!

      David Chiu, Carlos Petroni. Coordinators Yes on F Campaign

      Paid by for Voice for All Parents, Yes on Proposition F


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