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8/2/04 Frontlines latest headlines

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    Frontlines The newspaper of the Left http://www.sf-frontlines.com Iraqi US- appointed Prime Minister Chalabi: US Security Plan a Disaster. All the reports
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      Iraqi US- appointed Prime Minister Chalabi: "US Security Plan a Disaster."

      "All the reports about foreign extremists are nonsense," -- he said -- "They are only a small part of it." - Ahmed Chalabi

      AFP News -- Ahmed Chalabi, head of Iraq's National Congress Party and an ersthwile protege of the Pentagon in Washington, said Saturday the American security plan for his country was a disaster.
      Under Kerry's Tent: He's the (Any) One

      Can someone win the presidency entirely on the basis of a negative asset? I wouldn't have thought so, but here's John Kerry, just about 90 days shy of election day, promoting himself as a man of presidential caliber entirely on the basis that he's the Anyone in "Anyone But Bush". Aside from the flag wagging , that's what it comes down to, unless you take the probably realistic view that when it comes to war-fighting in the service of Empire he's far more bloodthirsty.
      Interview with Lucrecia Bermudez (District 9 race)
      By Ildefonso Rodriguez

      �I have no interests different from those whom I�m looking to represent. I don�t see them as my instrument to rule, rather I see myself as a tool for their struggles and right to rule their own lives.�
      -Lucrecia Berm�dez

      Lucrecia Bermudez is running for Supervisor of District 9 again. Last time around, in 2000, when Ammiano was at the peak of his popularity, Lucrecia came in third.
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      Renee Saucedo: "It's All About Me" (District 9 race)
      MetroscopeBy Ildefonso Rodriguez

      "Tom Ammiano had his opportunity, now it's the turn of someone like me."
      "Lucrecia had her opportunity, now it's my turn."
      -- Renee Saucedo

      To the Bay Guardian, to El Tecolote, at Green party meetings and during a debate with candidate Lucrecia Bermudez, she is telling anyone who would like to listen that it is her turn and nobody else�s. And she is very protective of the mantle. So much so that last year she broke with her long term political ally and personal friend Erik Quezada over which of the two should make a run this year.
      Crisis in the San Francisco Green Party
      By Simon Morales

      The local SF Green Party chapter is currently in a state of disarray and dysfunctionality. Some local activists attribute this situation to the control of the organization by a clique of Demogreens who have stifled the work of the party. Others claim that the current state is a price paid for the success of the party, that the problems represent growth pains that will resolve themselves as the politics of the organization are further defined.
      What's Left?
      The Green Left
      What's Left?By Simon Morales

      After the Milwaukee Convention of the Green Party, most leaders of the Green Party have lined up to oppose and denounce the Demogreens, who rigged the Convention with fake delegations and stuffed the ballot boxes with the votes of unknown small bureaucrats.

      David Cobb was successful in defeating the endorsement of Ralph Nader-Peter Camejo, but he does not seem to be acquiring much capital out of it. In fact, it�s possible that his candidacy will deprive the Green Party of its ballot status in several states, as he is not likely to overcome the death kiss of the one percentile candidates.
      New Progressive Left Movement Organizing in Communities of Color and among Immigrants
      By Chris Finn

      On July 10th within view of the closed, but still radioactive and contaminated, Naval shipyard, two polluting power plants and a slew of other toxic spots that surround Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) residents, the New Progressive Left Movement (NPLM) held its fourth public conference.

      The object was to address the issues of environmental racism and violence in the BVHP community.
      School Board election: "It�s Ackerman, Stupid..."
      MetroscopeBy Simon Morales

      SF Unified School District�s Superintendent Arlene Ackerman is a slippery administrator. The fact that she knows how to use the system to get away with murder is spelled out in her handling of the 500 million dollar school budget.
      Giving Non Citizens Access to the Voting Booth
      By Matt Gonzalez

      American patriots who tossed tea into Boston�s harbor in 1773 had a list of grievances against the king of England, which included that they weren�t represented in Parliament despite paying heavy taxes. The cry �no taxation without representation� succinctly captured their sentiments.

      The Million Worker March
      Labor PainsBy Gene Pepi

      On Sunday, October 17th, 2004, the organizers of the Million Worker March (MWM) expect workers to converge on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. MWM supporters and organizers launched their campaign to build the march at a rally that was held on May 22nd at the union hall of International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 10.

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