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Ammiano kicks himself in the teeth and other articles

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    Frontlines The newspaper of the Left http://www.sf-frontlines.com District 9 Race: Ammiano kicks himself in the teeth at his kick-off campaign rallyBy
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      The newspaper of the Left
      District 9 Race: Ammiano kicks himself in the teeth at his kick-off campaign rally
      By Idelfonso Rodriguez

      I lived in the Mission District for over a decade. I know the activists, the cafes, and the people. Therefore, when I dressed up and went to the restaurant where Ammiano was having his kickoff campaign rally on June 27 for Supervisor in District 9, I had high expectations. I thought I would find a great number of neighbors there to ask questions, have input for this article.


      Alice in an Iraqi Wonderland: The Pitiful Restoration of "Sovereignty"
      InternationalBy ROBERT FISK
      The Independent

      So in the end, America's enemies set the date. The handover of "full sovereignty" was secretly brought forward so that the ex-CIA intelligence officer who is now "Prime Minister" of Iraq could avoid another bloody offensive by America's enemies. What is supposed to be the most important date in Iraq's modern history was changed--like a birthday party--because it might rain on Wednesday.

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      Supreme Court: Hamdi, Padilla and Rasul v. Rumsfeld and Bush
      Who Really Won?

      Forget what the media's talking heads have told you about these three Supreme Court decisions that tested the power of George W. Bush.

      The President won far more than he lost, so administration "officials" who pronounce themselves victors are more on target than the press who tell you that the decisions represent a defeat for the Administration, or rein in its power.

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      Voting Rights Coalition for Immigrant Parents Organizing Meeting
      Voting Rights Coalition for Immigrant Parents
      (not an official title, which we'll discuss at the mtg)
      Organizing Meeting:
      Wednesday, June 30th, 2004, from 5:30-7:30 pm
      Instituto Familiar de La Raza, on 2919 Mission Street @ 26th Street

      Dear Friends --

      It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we invite you and your organization to be part of a new quest for civil rights in San Francisco.

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      Green Party convention to the real world: Drop Dead!
      After two rounds of voting, virtually unknown Green apparatchik David Cobb barely won the Green Party presidential nomination in Milwaukee

      By Joaquin Bustelo

      The demogreen "realo" faction at the stacked "electoral college" Green Party Convention in Milwaukee has voted to deny Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo its ballot lines by nominating shamefaced Kerry supporter David Cobb for President.

      What's Left?
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      Bayview Hunters Point: Environmental Racism and Violence
      The New Progressive Left Movement Presents:

      Communities Speak For Themselves:
      Environmental Racism and Violence in the Community

      Public Meeting in Bayview Hunters Point

      Violence in Bayview Hunters Point and other communities of color is on the rise and starting to spread. While the media and some political leaders choose to blame the parents or youth in these communities, activists in the community have been fighting the real causes of community violence for years.

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      SF Coalition for Immigrant Voting Rights Emerges
      By Gina Alvarez

      SAN FRANCISCO -- The drums of democracy are being beaten once again in San Francisco. A group of community organizations, predominantly from the Chinese and Latino communities, elected officials and activists met last Friday, June 18 to set up the Coalition for Immigrant Voting Rights.

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      The WWP, main force behind the Antiwar ANSWER, Splits
      What's Left?By Simon Morales

      It is secretly being screamed all over left circles. The Workers� World Party (WWP) has splintered. This will have no importance in the news if it wasn�t for the fact that for a long time the WWP � a formation of about 300 militants nationwide -- allegedly dominated ANSWER, one of the main antiwar coalitions in the US.

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      White House Disarray: Why is Bush still in power, directing the affairs of the Empire?
      �The finest plans are always ruined by the littleness of those who ought to carry them out, for the Emperors can actually do nothing� � Bertolt Brecht

      By Sebastian Robles

      There is heated electoral rhetoric and fireworks between Democrats and Republicans nowadays. It is no more than logical, as both parties would like, come November, to put a tenant in the White House and control Congress to serve their big donors. Behind the rhetoric, however, is little substance.

      George W. Bush is still competitive for the job (and still the President, avoiding impeachment) because of the truce declared by the Democrats above and beyond the call of duty of any legitimate opposition.

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      How Bush and the US lost the War and Occupation of Iraq
      The US already has lost the War and Occupation of Iraq. Why are Bush, Democrats and Republicans, continuing to press ahead?

      By Carlos Petroni

      Let�s face it, George W. Bush and the US have already lost the war and occupation of Iraq. The only thing remaining is to find out how many more people, both Iraqis and US soldiers, will need to die before the US Armed Forces are chased out of Iraq for good and the Bush administration - along with their Democratic and Republican supporters in Congress - admit their failure.

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