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Judge Denies March Permit for NYC, Feb 15 Protest Goes On

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    Dear Friend of United for Peace and Justice: To our great shock and outrage, Federal Judge Barbara Jones ruled this morning that the City of New York can deny
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2003
      Dear Friend of United for Peace and Justice:

      To our great shock and outrage, Federal Judge Barbara Jones ruled this
      morning that the City of New York can deny United for Peace and Justice
      permit to march on February 15. Citing "heightened security concerns,"
      ruled that we may only hold a stationary rally, for which we have been
      granted a permit for First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street.

      We are accepting the rally permit, and our massive demonstration to stop
      Iraq war will go forward no matter what. But we are appalled by this
      on our basic First Amendment rights, and we will continue to fight for
      right to march. Our attorneys, the New York Civil Liberties Union, have
      already filed an appeal, and we are asking all of our supporters to
      passionately against this attempt to stifle the growing opposition to
      Bush's war.

      We will provide you with more information soon on this rapidly evolving
      situation. For now, we encourage you to keep organizing and mobilizing
      February 15 -- we have a legal permit to rally, and we cannot and will
      let the NYPD and the Bush Administration silence our cry for peace.

      More than 300 cities around the globe will be holding protests this
      against the Iraq war: Let's make New York City's protest the biggest,
      passionate anti-war gathering of them all.


      1) KEEP MOBILIZING FOR FEB. 15: The NYPD wants to discourage people from
      coming to this protest -- we need to redouble our efforts to make
      15 an enormous gathering for peace. Please contact Fran Geteles asap
      (fgeteles@... or 212-663-8048) if you are organizing buses or
      Check out our website at http://www.unitedforpeace.org/feb15 -- we've
      lots of new information.

      2) SPREAD THE WORD: Forward this message widely, post the assembly
      on your website, tell everyone you know that the February 15 protest is
      indeed happening and that we have a permit to rally at 49th Street and

      3) SPEAK OUT: The denial of our right to march sets a very dangerous
      precedent for free speech in this country -- we ask you to raise the
      ruckus you can about this attack on our rights. Some suggestions:

      >>Fax a statement from your organization to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
      insisting on our right to march on February 15. Fax#: (212) 788-2460

      >>Ask sympathetic elected officials, community leaders, and/or
      to contact Mayor Bloomberg and demand that the City issue a march

      >>Contact your local media, write letters to the editor, call in to
      talk shows, get the word out about this outrageous denial of our
      Constitutional rights.

      >>Make phone calls of protest to these officials:
      *NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 212-788-9600, 212-788-3010, 212-788-3040
      *NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: 646-610-8526
      *NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito: 646-610-6710

      >>Send emails protesting the denial of our march permit Mayor Bloomberg:
      Commissioner Kelly: rkelly@...
      Chief Esposito: jesposito@...

      >>Sign this online petition supporting our right to march:

      If you're not already on our email list, you can receive future updates
      this one about the February 15 mobilization by visiting

      Thanks for your support -- we can still prevent this war, and together
      will win the right to march.

      The February 15 organizing staff of
      United for Peace and Justice

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