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What's New at Frontlines, the newspaper of the Left?

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    What s New at Frontlines, the Newspaper of the Left? US Opposition to the War Grows January 18, 2003 100,000 Marched in San Francisco, 200,000 in Washington
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2003
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      What's New at Frontlines, the Newspaper of the Left?

      US Opposition
      to the War Grows

      January 18, 2003

      100,000 Marched in San Francisco, 200,000 in Washington and thousands
      more in other cities.

      In the largest outpouring of opposition to Bush war drive to date, more
      than 300,000 people demonstrated in the US against the impending war
      against Iraq. Over 200,000 people braved the freezing winter in
      Washington, DC to march from the Capitol to the Navy Yard after hearing
      a long list of speakers and performers. Over 100,000 people jammed the
      streets of downtown San Francisco. Market Street was so crowded from
      Embarcadero to Civic Center that nothing could move for hours, not even
      the demonstrators...

      Read the complete article: http://www.sf-frontlines.com


      Crisis, Revolution, Counter-revolution and the Left
      Interview and dialogue with Carlos Petroni

      Historical and Political Background Notes, Political Parties and the

      Read this book online: http://www.sf-frontlines.com

      Lula's Government: Challenges and Perspectives

      This October saw two firsts in Brazilian history: a working class party
      won the elections, and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (Lula), a worker who
      started his political life as a militant trade unionist, is the new
      President. These historical events result from more than 30 years of
      democratic, popular, and trade union struggles. They are the result of
      an increasing radicalization of the workers and the poor, the landless
      peasants and the youth of Brazil. Contrary to the opinion of many
      observers, left and right, this is not the end of the story of Brazilian
      radicalization, but merely the beginning of a new chapter....


      Brazil: 2002 Election Results

      Brazilian Political Parties

      Stats, Facts and all you need to know about Brazilian Bushisms...

      Read the complete articles: http://www.sf-frontlines.com

      Frontlines Editorial
      Turn on politics or politics will turn on you

      From small issues to major crises; from whether you or someone you know
      will go overseas to war, to what kind of rights you'll enjoy in the
      workplace; from whether your kids will study arts and sciences and or
      simply be put in a warehouse called a school, to wait for your workday
      to end; from the quality of the air you breathe and the water you drink
      to the freedoms you may enjoy, or be deprived of - these are political
      in their most fundamental nature.

      Read the complete article: http://www.sf-frontlines.com


      US Elections:
      A Mandate For WAR?

      The latest US mid-term election results cannot be understood apart from
      national and international political situations and trends. In the US,
      we are still in a reactionary conjuncture, characterized since September
      11 by the US imperial offensive both at home and abroad. This
      reactionary conjuncture in the US has created a highly polarized world
      political situation, with mass upheavals and counter-revolutionary
      backlashes in the semi-colonial world, and mass opposition and
      governmental hesitancy in regards to Bush and Congress' war drive in

      Read the complete article: http://www.sf-frontlines.com

      If I Lived in Baghdad...
      By Carlos Petroni

      I would most likely be thinking about how to make the American people
      understand that, while opposing the Saddam Hussein regime, the September
      11 heinous terrorist attacks, all forms of regressive fundamentalism,
      and supporting the Kurdish people's right to self-determination, I would
      be forced, along with many other Iraqis who share those points of view -
      including many oppressed Kurds, Shiites and working class and
      intellectual and young Iraqis - to shoot at American troops if the Bush
      Administration sends them to invade my country.

      Read the complete article: http://www.sf-frontlines.com


      Countdown to Doomsday
      Capitalism to Destroy Human Habitat?

      The final struggle over the survival of planet Earth, as the habitat for
      life, is fast approaching.
      The main obstacle to saving the planet is the existence of the worldwide
      capitalist/imperialist system, a juggernaut oblivious to the fate of
      billions of people.

      It is obvious that stress caused by the geometrical growth of the world
      population in the last two centuries has caused a number of the
      present-day problems of our environment.

      Read the complete article: http://www.sf-frontlines.com


      Reforms Won't Do

      USA, War and the Environment


      And much more on international, US and local political issues.
      Frontlines, the newspaper of the Left: http://www.sf-frontlines.com

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