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Demos Against War in the US (English/Spanish)

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    Demostrations Against the War in the US Manifestaciones Contra la Guerra en EEUU By Frontlines Correspondents Over 100,000 marched in Washington DC, 50,000 in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2002
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      Demostrations Against the War in the US
      Manifestaciones Contra la Guerra en EEUU
      By Frontlines Correspondents

      Over 100,000 marched in Washington DC, 50,000 in San Francisco and
      thousands more in several other cities of the US against the virtual
      declaration of war against Iraq by the Bush administration.
      Mas de 100,000 personas en Washington, DC, 50,000 en San Francisco and
      miles mas en varias otras ciudades de los EEUU marcharon contra la
      virtual declaracion de guerra de la administración Bush contra Iraq.
      In the two largest demonstrations, those of DC and San Francisco,
      thousands of people showed their opposition to both the Bush
      administration and the Democratic Party, widely perceived as supporting
      Bush's war drive. The demand from Jesse Jackson in the sense that the
      US needed a "regime change" coming November 5 (election day) was
      received by the booing from many demonstrators who interpreted the call
      as a call to vote for Democratic candidates.

      In San Francisco, thousands of people carried signs of the Green Party
      and independent candidates for the upcoming election.
      En las dos mayores manifestaciones, DC y San Francisco, miles de
      personas mostraron su repudio tanto a la administración Bush como al
      Partido Demócrata por apoyarlo. El reclamo del pastor Jesse Jackson de
      que deberia haber un "cambio de regimen" este venidero 5 de Noviembre
      (dia de elecciones) fue abucheado por muchos manifestantes en

      En San Francisco, miles de manifestantes portaban carteles del Partido
      Verde y de candidatos independientes.
      The demonstrations were organized by more than 2,500 organizations
      ranking from community to political groups, prominently from the left
      (Left Party, WWP, International Socialist Organization, Communist
      Party), to community organizations from the Arab, Latino and Asian
      communities as well as traditional peace groups like "Peace with
      Justice" and others.

      The labor movement, however, was largely absent during the protest with
      the exception of contingents from local branches of the Electricians
      (UE), teachers and some teamsters. There were, however, many trade
      unionists that participated individually in the protests.
      Las manifestaciones fueron organizadas por una coalicion de mas de 2,500
      organizaciones que comprendia desde grupos comunitarios a politicos,
      particularmente de la izquierda (Partido de Izquierda, WWP, ISO,
      Comunistas y otros y grupos de las comunidades Arabes, Latina y Asiatica
      as como tambien grupos pacifistas tradicionales como "Paz y Justicia" y

      El movimiento laboral, sin embargo, estuvo mayormente ausente de la
      protesta, con excepcion de grupos locales de maestros, camioneros y
      electricistas, asi como muchos sindicalistas que participaron
      individualmente de las marchas.
      Opposition to the war has increased in the last few months, now around
      40% as reflected in recent polls. In urban centers and the West Coast,
      however, opposition is larger than in the Midwest and Southern areas of
      the country.

      In California, for example, the war and the corruption of the candidates
      from the Democratic and Republican parties showed in polls that
      indicated that 10% of the voters would vote for Green candidates for
      Oposicion a la Guerra se ha incrementado en los ultimos meses, y alcanza
      ahora al 40% como quedo reflejado en recientes encuestas de opinion. En
      los centros urbanos, y en la Costa Oeste del pais, esta oposicion es aun
      mayor, mientras el apoyo a los planes de Bush se mantiene muy fuerte en
      el Medio Oeste y el Sur del pais.

      En California, por ejemplo, la guerra y la corrupción de los candidatos
      de los partidos Demócrata y Republicano, ha producido que un 10% de los
      votantes consultados para encuestas, hayan manifestado que lo apoyarian
      al Partido Verde.

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